Research and Documentation Services

Research  and  Documentation  Services

What we do best at Undiscovered Classics is research.  We do this using the resources we’ve built over nearly two decades as well as the skills developed to meet this challenge as follows.


  • The largest and most complete automotive library that spans 1944 when the SCCA “Sportswagen” and Dan Post Custom Car literature started thru 1960 when the full breadth of automobile magazines was off and running in America.  Created during three year project where

Direct access to founder and family archives both


Museums, Curators, Libraries

Recognized  Achievements (put in GRH profile too – maybe make separate page and link both pages to new page)

Part of the team who Throttle

Priciple researcher who brought Dan Post

Dan  Post  Custom  &  Restyling  Box  Set
Undiscovered Classics

Customs  Reprinted
Re-Issuing  The  Elusive  Dan  Post  Customing  Collection

The  Rodder’s  Journal  #56:  Summer,  2013

Customs  In  Print
Dan  Post  Published  It  First
The  Rodder’s  Journal  #45:  Fall,  2009

Some  of  the  Best  Research  We’ve  Done

Snipe hunter and more stories

Eding WIldfire

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Leo Lyons, Darren’s Cougar, Sunflower State, DM Nacional, Hollywood Hot Rod Manual, Dan Post Publications



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