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Future  Restorations  –  Future  Partnerships

Some of our cars are chomping at the bit to get restored. If one of these cars interests you, contact us to discuss a possible partnership on ownership and restoration.  We take our finished cars to the best venues across America.  You can join us and participate with us as a partner on one of these adventures.

1954 Chicagoan Show Car

This car debuted at the 1954 Chicago Auto Show and was proclaimed to be America’s newest sports car design for the mid 1950s

1959 Strother MacMinn Lemans Coupe

1937 Long-Wheelbase Supercharged Cord Phaeton

We’re still researching this car with the help of Karl Ludvigsen and other historians.  The workmanship suggests that this may have been a coachbuilt car and we’re also lucky to have photos of the car taken in 1952 by Karl Ludvigsen himself.  This will be a fun one once we move forward.

1959 Cheetah “Moon” Transporter

1949 Packard Monte Carlo Convertible

Research continues on our Packard Monte Carlo with our research team which includes Leon Dixon, Bud Juneau and other folks from the Packard Club.  Our Packard Monte Carlo convertible may well turn out to be the oldest postwar Packard Show Car in existence.


1937 Gougeon Streamliner

Most pre-war streamlined teardrop cars didn’t make it past the metal drives for World War II war efforts – this one fortunately did.  Built in the late 1930s by Ronald Gougeon, this will be quite a looker when finished.  The underneath (belly pan) covers most of the underside of the car.

1949 WOW Cadillac

Built in the late 1940s, The WOW Cadillac is one of the earliest surviving American Custom cars and is the first postwar Cadillac custom to be built – quite an accomplishment by Rudy Makella and his company, the Indianapolis Power Hammer Company of Indianapolis, Indiana.

1954 Victress S4

The Victress S4 was designed in 1954 by Hugh Jorgensen, an Art Center student and friends/consultant to Doc Boyce-Smith and Merrill Powell of Victress Manufacturing.  The Victress S4 debuted at the 1954 Petersen Motorama in Los Angeles, California and was one of the stars of the show.

1955 McCormack Show Car

Star of the 1955 Petersen Motorama in Los Angeles, California, this car was found in New Hope, Pennsylvania and appears to have been drag raced later in life too.  Such an interesting history.

1953 Grantham Stardust


Although a west coast designed and built sports car, the Grantham Stardust debuted in 1953 at the Michigan Motorama in Detroit Michigan in 1953.  The car went on to star in TV shows such as “Rocky Jones Space Ranger” and “Mr. North” as well as movie “Johnny Dark” starring Tony Curtis and Piper Laurie.

1952 LaSaetta Show Car

The LaSaetta was Italian for “Lightning Bolt” and debuted at the Michigan Motorama in 1952 making it one of America’s earliest fiberglass sports car.  This one was found in Mt. Dora, Florida.  While 12 of these were custom built to the order of each buyer, just 2 of LaSaetta’s are known to exist – both are owned by Undiscovered Classics.

1955 Singer 4AD Race Car

Ralph Bush built a Singer 4AD into a race car and did mighty well racing it throughout the west coast in the 1950s and early 1960s.  This car was found a few years ago and safely transported to Tampa, Florida where it awaits future restoration.  Check out the vintage photos and videos of Ralph and his Singer race car below.


1955 Singer Allied Swallow “Cisitalia” Coupe – “Torquie”

One of the few Allied “Cisitalia” Specials that exists – this one has full history and documentation and retains all of its original Singer sports car equipment.  Will be a stunning example on the field when restored.  See the full history of this car by clicking on the link to the story/article below.

Click Here To Read The Full Story on our 1955 Allied Swallow
Singer Special “Torquie”

1957 Galileo Show Car

Built by Joseph Galileo in 1957, the Galileo Show Car was a sensation in and around San Francisco where Joseph designed and built it.  But he never fully finished it leaving the interior bare and some of the exterior details unfinished.  Sadly, Joseph Galileo passed away in 2010 and never had a chance to see his concept fully finished.

1950 DM Nacional “Sedanca de Ville”

In the postwar era, Mexico had just one coachbuilder that built cars on order and from scratch.  Designed to compete against European Coachbuilders, DM Nacional custom-built 5 cars to order from 1949 to 1953.  Of the five built, just one survives.  Although it will take a mighty effort to bring this car back, if it was built by man, it can be restored by men (and women) too.

Check out the 4 minute video below about the history of DM Nacional and the “Sedanca de Ville”


1953 Kaiser “Show Dragon” (1 of 6)

In 1953 the Kaiser Motor Company pulled out all the stops and created a luxury version of their car like no other before -the 1953 Kaiser Dragon.  Fully optioned down to custom interior by two renowned interior designers (Carlton Spencer and Marie Nichols) the Kaiser “Dragon” became available in the fall of 1952 and was produced for just 6 months.  Approximately 1000 of these automobiles were built before production ended. 

The announcement of the Kaiser Dragon took place at major auto shows across the country where 6 factory show cars known as “Show Dragons” were produced and sold to the public.  A special color was developed for these Dragons – a turquoise shade – with gold plated trim thoughout which included 5 gold plated wire wheels. 

Just 3 of these “Show Dragons” exist today with Undiscovered Classics owning one of these factory built vehicles.

Click Here To Learn More About the 1953 Kaiser Show Dragon


1955 Carl Luckenbach Special

Carl Luchenback was attending college at the Cranbrook Academy of Design when he designed and built this one-off sports car inspired by Ferrari.  Based on a modified Ford chassis and powered by a Lincoln crate motor purchased off the showroom floor, this well-built beautifully designed car deserves to be brought back to its original form in the near future.  

Later in life, Carl headed an architectural firm in his own name and designed well-known structures throughout the midwest including the Pontiac Superdome.

1966 Cannara I Special

The Cannara I was designed and built by Ray Cannara.  Started in his high school years where he won a coveted national award from the Fisher Body Guild ($5000 in 1962/college scholarship), he finished the car under the mentorship of Strother MacMinn at the Art Center in Los Angeles, California.

Lost for nearly 40 years, the Cannara I was found in Detroit, Michigan several years ago.  You can read a story about finding the car and its history by clicking on the text link which appears below the photos. 

Click here to read an article by Tom Cotter that appeared in the 2017 book “Motor City Barn Finds” about how we found the Cannara I and then located Ray Cannara – the designer and builder

1954 Venus Show Car (1 of 2)

The Venus was a limited production boulevard cruiser that debuted on the cover of Motor Trend magazine in May, 1954.  Of the six built, just two remain.

1954 Venture / Debonnaire

The Venture was designed by Phillip Egan who was part of the team that designed the Tucker Automobile.  The car was brought out in the mid 1950s as an “America Boulevard Cruiser” – a car that was a bit larger than a typical American sports car but still accommodated just 2 people.  Shortly after the initial 6 cars were built, the plant was destroyed in a catastrophic fire and all molds and tooling were lost.

And there are many more unrestored one-offs, concepts and show cars in our inventory that do not appear on the page above