Different Windshield Options

Different  Windshield  Options
1953 – 1955  Corvette / 1956 – 1961  Corvette / 1955 – 1957  Thunderbird / Cobra / Custom / Other

1953 – 1955  Corvette  Windshield

1956 – 1961  Corvette  Windshield

1955 – 1957  Thunderbird  Windshield

Corvette  Windshield  1953 – 1955  With  Side  Chrome  Simplified  and  Single  Color  –  Not  Two  Tone

Three-Piece  Windshield  “Duvall”  Style 

1957  Chevrolet  Convertible  Windshield  (not  Corvette)

Custom  Windshield  by  Dan  Palatnik

Dan’s Thoughts:  To keep the original door leading edge I made a very simple one similar to Corvette’s but different in proportions with squarer corners and a less crowned top. The trailing line is inclined to match (and highlight) the door trailing edge. . I also worked some more on the nameplate (can still be improved) and made the sidetrim follow the front fender top line as it curves down to meet the rear fender. Also added a frenched license recess to dandy the rear a bit. (see his work below).

Ford  Cobra  Windshield

1954  Debonnaire  Windshield  Thoughts  By  Steve  Tremulis  (8/10/2022)

In looking at the overall concept, it appears that Phil Egan had a unifying theme in mind. It looks like the rake of the leading edge of the front end, the rear fender and the tail all had a similar angle to them. So I think I’d try to keep that same angle with the trailing edge of the windshield. If that’s not possible, then my second suggestion would be to mimic the same angle as the back of the cove (it looks pretty close already).

The 53-55 Vette looks a little too short and out of proportion and you may only have a couple inches to see out the front above the steering wheel, depending on the seat height.  The 56-61 Vette looks about right, but it wouldn’t have been available in 1955 (if that matters).

The T’bird looks pretty good and fits with the Ford frame theme. The back of the windshield looks like it has a very similar rake to it. If it’s the same angle as the front/fender/rear angle, then you probably found the unifying theme that tied it all together originally.

Also, I’m loving the side cove, but did any of the originals have it? It looks like the trim was placed above the parting lines on the original mold? Even though these were customs, I’d be inclined to go more original without the cove.  For color combo, if no cove, the silver exterior with red interior like the Nash-Healey looks pretty amazing…