Byers Contributors

Contributors  To  Byers  Sports  Car  History

We’re proud to release this newly created section of Undiscovered Classics that focuses on the history of the Byers Sports cars.  Our research into this marque started in 2007, and took the help of many to complete.  This help came from Byers owners such as Guy Dirkin, Geordie Prodis, John Furlow, Phil Fleming, Dave Petersen, Barry Hall, George McGuire, Cal Johnson, Leon Mull, Jim Weissenborn and others.

Our research also involved individuals who worked with Jim Byers, knew Jim Byers, built their cars and other historical relationships such as Rollie Langston, Frank (employee/friend) and Marge Tifft, Margaret Tifft, Tim Chrisman, Erich Schultz, Merrill Powell (Victress), Joe Kane, Harry King, John “Bat” Masterson, Ron Cummings, Dick Jones (Meteor), Rodger Gregerson, Gary Osko, Denny Larson, Bill and Ed Fort, Rory Reinbold, Ron Kellogg, Doug Winther, Julie Fields, Ron Berri and others.

Compiling the history on Byers Sports Cars was the work of many, and we’re indebted to those on the list above and others too for helping to make this happen.  Great thanks to all.

Geoffrey  Hacker
Undiscovered  Classics
June,  2020