Original Communication – Rollie Langston

Original  Byers  Communication
The  Rollie  Langston  Collection

Roland “Rollie” Langston started thinking about building a Byers SR-100 in February, 1957 when he first saw the Byers sports car on the cover of Road & Track magazine.  He was just 14 years old, but that didn’t stop him from writing to Jim Byers in 1957 and inquiring more about building a car. 

By early 1958 he had nailed down most of his questions with Jim Byers, and by the summer of the same year he had the Byers sports car body in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri.  Two years later in 1960, he finished the car.  This page shows photos of his Byers SR-100 when it was nearly finished and after it was fully finished.

Click  Here  To  View  Photos  of  Rollie  Langston’s  Finished  Byers  SR-100  in  1960

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