Byers Vintage Articles

Byers  Vintage  Articles

Sport  Customs
Special  Interest  Autos:  Nov-Dec, 1977

Sportscar  Specials
Victress (Should have read “Byers”)
Trend  Book  #196:  1960

Bat  Masterson’s CR-90
Sportscar  Specials  (1960)
Coming  Soon

The  Thousand  Dollar  Sports  Car
John  Bond’s  Handbuilt  Byers  SR-100
Road  &  Track:  March, 1959

Fiberglass  For  A  Personal  Car
Road  &  Track:  March, 1959

Sportscar  Specials
Salem  GMC  Kurtis
Trend  Book  #178:  1958

The  TD  Mark  I  Story
Check Point: 4 Cylinder Club of America
May, 1957

The  Byers  Special
The  World’s  Most  Beautiful  Sports  Car
Road  &  Track:  February, 1957

Plastic  Bodies  For  Home  Production
Jim  Byers  First  Magazine  Appearance
Hop-Up  Magazine:  April, 1953