Donor Car

Donor  Car
1957  Triumph  TR3

About  The  Donor  Car
From  Rollie  Langston  on  6/13/2020

According to reports at the time, and as best I can remember, the car was being driven by a soldier from nearby Ft Leonard Wood at the time they ran it off the road at speed.

Despite its appearance, most of what I needed was not damaged.  The car only had 2444 miles on it.  Replaced the fan and had radiator recored. The transmission top cover was broken and the shift selector rods were bent.  I disassembled the cover, straightened the shift rods and we had the cover heliarc welded (see photos).  Took a bit of fiddling for it to work smoothly, but was good as new.  Sold front disc brakes off car for $100 but used most everything else.