Alton Johnson’s LeMans Coupe

Alton  Johnson’s  LeMans  Coupe


Alton Johnson’s LeMans coupe was the first finished car and the most famous of the ones that were built or being built.  Sadly, after his car appeared in the August, 1960 issue of Road & Track, it was destroyed in a devastating accident which left the car at the bottom of a cliff – shattered beyond repair.  Information below highlights vintage articles about the car as well as photos from his family, friends and associates.

Vintage  Articles  About  Alton  Johnson’s  LeMans  Coupe

Sports  Car  Design  Realized
Road  &  Track: August, 1960
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Showtime USA
Custom  Cars: July  1960
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Wildest  Thing  in  Glass
Hot  Rod  Magazine: June  1960
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From  The  Drawing  Board:  By  Robert  Cumberford
Sports  Car  Guide  (SCG):  March, 1960
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LeMans  Special
Sensualist  Magazine: January, 1960
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Additional  Detail

Pictures  of  Car  Being  Built  at  Victress
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Pictures  of  Alton’s  Car  after  Accident  at  Bottom  of  Cliff
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First Showing of Alton’s LeMans Coupe When Completed. Photo taken at the Cow Palace, Oakland, California in 1959 by Bob D’Olivio