Quotes and Memories

Quotes  and  Memories

As a kid growing up in North Hollywood, I used to regularly drive my ’35 Ford 3 window over to the Victress plant. I can’t remember if it was Lankershim or Vineland that it was located on. I used to drool over the Victress bodies and make plans for the sportscar I would never build. I remember the R&T car being built over there. I was really intrigued by the space frame and wondered what would happen if the car was hit. I would imagine that every bit of that space frame would end up out of alignment. A zillion small tubes. The car was drop dead gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more of this project in the future.

Art C.
Hemmings Blog: April 14, 2022

I was one of Mac’s students at the Art Center at the time of the LeMans Coupe project, and I was only involved to film the coupe at Riverside raceway for aerodynamic testing.  I filmed the coupe from the passenger side of Mac’s XK120 at 40, 50, 60, and 70mph.  We did 4-5 total runs at Riverside with each pass at a specific mph.  The car was covered in strips of yarn or “tufts” for the test, but the car was gray at the time and not red.

Howard Miereanu
Interview Conducted December 20, 2006