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Moto Exotica – 1953 Kaiser Dragon
The 1953 Kaiser Dragon Recalls the Mysterious Islands of the Pacific
(Hemmings: May, 2017)

Carleton Spencer: Kaiser’s King of Color
(Collectible Automobile: October, 2009)

Built To Better The Best
(Book: 1st Edition 2005; 2nd printing 2012)
(Pages 120-121)

1953 Kaiser Dragon – The Most Expensive, Luxurious Kaiser Ever Made
(Cars & Parts: July, 1998)

1951 and 1953 Kaiser Dragon: Carleton Spencer’s Monument
(Collectible Automobile: December, 1997)

1953 Kaiser Dragon
(Car Collector: January, 1989)

Kaiser-Frazer: The Last Onslaught on Detroit
(Book: 1st Edition 1975; 2nd edition 1985)
(Pages 176-187)

The Kaiser Dragon
(Car Classics: February, 1973)

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Introduction to the 1951 and 1953 Kaiser Dragon
(Website: How Stuff Works)
The Story of the Kaiser Dragon and its Designer – Carleton Spencer

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