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Hot  Rods,  Belly  Tanks,  Streamliners
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Throttle  Magazine
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1950s Chassis’ Available for Hand-Built Sports Cars
Shorty Post, Mameco, Kurtis, Chattanooga, Triplex and More

Early Fiberglass Bodied Race Cars
Glasspar Mameco, Morgensen Special, Hauser Special and More

Concept Cars From Fiberglass: From Detroit – 1953 to 1956
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Concept Cars From Fiberglass: Futuristic
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Specials Based on Rare/Unusual Chassis and Drivetrains

Henry J Specials
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Singer Specials

MG Specials

VW Specials

Chuck Manning Special

1937 Cord Phaeton – Long Wheelbase – sport custom?

1949 Packard Monte Carlo Special – sport custom?