Pebble Beach 2023: Worksheet

Cars – Show – Pebble Beach – Dream Cars of the 50s (2023) – Worksheet
Confirmed Cars

1: 1948 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet – Wayne and Amy Gould (Martin and Blake Godbey)
2: 1953 Maverick Sportster – Tom and Barb Chandler
3: 1958 LeMans Coupe – Dennis and Karen Kazmerowski
4: 1954 Debonnaire – Paul Sable
5: 1952 Manta Ray – D.E. Lacer
6: 1953 Sorrell – Mark Brinker
7: 1953 Pataray Special – Mark Brinker
8: Edwards American – Wayne Carini
9: Scimitar – Petersen Museum – Leslie Kendall Chief Historian

* Cancelled – 1949 Timbs Special – Gary and Diane Cervany
* Cancelled – Edwards – owned by the son of Stirling Edwards – pull out / not finished



* Hotel in Gilroy: Rooms (2) are in Merrill Powell’s name.  Best Western at Forest Park Inn  408-848-5144
* Merrill and Zack arrive in San Jose at 3:25pm with rental car for the whole week.  They leave on Monday 8/21/2023 at 10am on the plane.  Maybe on Monday morning the 4 of us leave to San Jose and Mike and I continue via train to San Francisco to leave that night at the airport.
* Concours tickets needed:  Hans, Elena, Doug Ward, Paul Anderson
* Confirm Paul Anderson and Doug Ward
* Dinner with Steve Tremulis?
* Hans Fox and wife Elena going arrive Friday 18th at 10:38am.

* Robin dinner Merrill
* Ben join for dinner?
* Call hotel when Merrill is there to confirm our hotel room with my credit card

* Gilroy Group (8 confirmed, 2 more possible):  Confirmed:  Geoff, Mike, Merrill, Zack, Robin, Chris, Gene Simon, Ben Branch.  Possible:  Doug Ward, Paul Anderson
* 9am meet at hotel
* Bring change of clothes in backpack for Seminar
* Gene Simon will meet us in Gilroy – pick up vintage photos of the race car.  Mike Puma should do video with photos and Gene Simon and car.
* Robin and son will be there.
* Ben Branch will be at hotel

* 10am-3pm: Our group from Gilroy meets Dennis Kaz at the LeMans Coupe on the polo fields

* 2:00 to 2:30 Media Center
* Park in reserved lot 11 – bring parking pass
* Pick up 4 Sunday Concours tickets from Kandace – Bob Gurr, Merrill Powell, Zack Powell and Geoff Hacker – or leave Bob Gurr’s there for him to pick up
* Keep backback and contents with me entire time

* 2:30-3:00pm – in front of forum / green room
* Hand out Forum tickets: Steve Tremulis, Gene Simon, more…

* 3:00-3:30pm – Green Room
* Park in reserved lot 11
* Change clothes
* Bob Gurr signs books I brought with

* 3:30pm: Seminar Starts
* Give books to Ken Gross as visual samples

* 4:45pm After Seminar:
* Colin Warnes/Allard including Tom and Bill Chandler
* Can Merrill and Zack join Leslie Kendall for Dawn Patrol – Ken Gross and wife are scheduled for it now
* Ben Branch needs to meet Chris Roth
* Give Bob Gurr his Concours ticket – or Bob can pick up in Media Center
* Figure out where do we park Sunday morning
* Hand out Art Cards to car owners at Forum
* Steve Tremulis – dinner in evening – Monday we’ll be near San Francisco airport


* Possible attend Quail with Ben Branch
* Possible visit with Kent Weinstein to see his car
* Possible attend with Gene Simon with racing at Laguna Seca – consider this – meet Dennis Kaz and family at event

* Kent Weinstein invited event Saturday morning: Pennisula cars and coffee
* Kent Weinstein invited event Saturday morning: Concours d’Lemons – We can do Concours dLemons with Robin James and see his car
* Location of Cars and Coffee: Saturday August 19th from 7:30-10:00 at the Chilis parking lot at 1349 Canyon Del Rey Blvd Seaside Ca 93955
* Hans and Elena can join us Saturday afternoon.
* Afternoon: Visit / help the cars at the Polo Field – focus on Debonnaire
* Evening: Dinner with Gilroy group

* Dawn Patrol – be on the field at 5:30am when it opens.
* Do photo shoot at end of show with 5 cars
* Jay Leno Video with LeMans and Kurtis


Mike Puma


Phil Cox
Rudy Phillips
Hans Fox – father owned the Omohundro
Gene Simon
David Lambert
Paul Anderson can go as of 5/11/2023
Alan Patterson – can’t go as of 4/27/2023
* Ben Branch – confirmed he will be going
* Denise Sheldon – can’t go as of 3/27/23
* Marvin McFalls – invited on 3/24/23
* Jonathan Burnette – invited on 3/27/23
* Dom Conti – invited on 3/25/23
* Luis Alacros – cannot make it – confirmed on 4/17/2023
Jon Greuel
Jack Farr?
Merrill and Gerianne Powell
Susan Gunn
Alden Jewell
* Erich Schultz – yes
* Nads and Miles
* Mike Dulinski – wants to go to Sept show in Texas instead – not Pebble
* Colin Warnes – will be attending on his own
Ben Morrison
Richard and Gina Brown – Richard wants to go as of 4/27/2023

Cars: Debonnaire Families

* Egan family
* Tremulis family
* D’Oluqi family
* Jeremy Krock
* Rick Ball

Omohundro Family
Tom and Gail Omohundro

Sorrell Family
* None

Cars: LeMans Coupe Families
Merrill and Gerianne
Bill Quirk
Doug Ward
Invite Marvin Horton family?