Petersen: Sports Cars of the Future (June, 2023-May? 2024)


When in Los Angeles, Visit:

  • Coordinate with Dennis Kaz
  • Tina Van Curen – confirmed via e-mail on 8/24/2023
  • Doug Ward – talked to about meeting at Petersen via phone on 8/24/2023
  • Dennis and I visit with Ken and Liz Eberts
  • Chris Roth
  • Bob Gurr can join us at the museum / have lunch
  • Petersen Museum:  Spend time with archivist and look for photos that Thomas put away for me
  • Gino Morrison
  • Rodney Packwood
  • Dennis Gerdes
  • Brandon Kunicki
  • Wildfire – Brushfire
  • Jim North
  • Rudy Phillips in Ravona