Showcase: 1952 Victress S1

1954  Victress  S1 – Motor  Trend  Victress
Owner:  Guy  Dirkin,  Clermont,  Florida

Trend Inc., Building: Circa 1954

History of This Car

When Fred Bodley started building his Victress in 1953, little did he know that it would ultimately represent the best of what American handcrafted cars were meant to be in the early postwar years.  And this car and its history was nearly lost – save for a few lucky opportunities of chance.

Victress S1 roadsters were beautiful sports cars and with Trend Publishing headquarters located close to where the cars were manufactured, Bodley had easy access to learn more.  In 1953 a Victress sports car set the world speed record at just over 200 mph at Bonneville, giving Victress the chance to advertise their car as “America’s fastest sports car body.”  Perhaps it was for this reason that he chose this body for his sports car.

You had many engine choices in 1953, but the most popular engine for American sports cars at the time was a Ford V8 Flathead – a fact nearly lost to time.


Technical  Specifications

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Vintage  Photos  Showing  Victress  Inside  Building / Showroom

Modern  Photos

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Victress  Brochure:  1955
Featuring  Fred  Bodley’s  Victress  S1A  Roadster

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