The “Rise” of the The Lost Motor Trend Victress

Hi Gang…

Back in August 2009, Guy Dirkin was preping his Victress for the beginnings of a long and arduous restoration.  He has been dedicated to documenting each step of the process including some video of separating the body and chassis he did in Chicago.  I just had a chance to review this video and it’s a great piece that should invigorate each of you who are embarking on restorations of this type.

Give it a quick view – it’s only 7 minutes long and think of yourself in Guy’s shoes beginning the restoration of your car.  When you click on the “play” button below (the big triangle in the middle of the screen), you may want to wait a few minutes until the entire video downloads.  Then…once it has downloaded, play it again, and it will play without any interruption.  Here’s the video gang:

[vsw id=”ZIQnWpxFapc#” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Guy’s Victress is now in Florida and the restoration is well on its way.  More stories to come on Guy Dirkin and the restoration of his Lost Motor Trend Victress Special.

Thanks for sharing the video Guy!!!



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