Work Begins on Charles Le Menestrel’s 1953 Allied Swallow Coupe

Restoration Work Begins on the Allied Swallow Body – Getting Everything “Square” is the First Step.

Hi Gang… I love seeing progress and today’s story is no different. Charles Le Menestrel of Belgium is a fan of handbuilt American Specials.  Today he’s beginning the “build” of his Allied Swallow shown in today’s story with sights on … Continue reading

Showcase: 1953 Maverick Sportster – (to be completed)

Showcase 1953  Maverick Sportster –  (to  be  completed) Owners:  Tom  Chandler  and  Undiscovered  Classics (insert slide deck here) History  of  This  Car “The Maverick Sportster is a Land-Bound Pegasus with airborne power and cloud-like riding quality” (Maverick Sportster brochure, 1953) … Continue reading

1952 Glasspar G2 Restoration Begins

What A Sound Car To Start From For A Full Restoration – This Will Be Exciting To Watch

Hi Gang… What’s better than having just one Glasspar G2 to restore? Well if you ask Tony St. Clair it’s having TWO Glasspar G2 sports cars to restore.  And in the last few months, Tony has kept us busy here … Continue reading

1953 Grantham Stardust Restoration Begins

Twelve Grantham Stardust Sports Cars Were Built – Just Four Remain

Hi Gang… Exciting news for one of my favorite handcrafted cars of the 1950s – the Grantham Stardust.  While we have an unrestored example in our collection, Undiscovered Classics has partnered with David Deluca to restore and show his Stardust … Continue reading

1953 Maverick Sportster Nearing Completion

We’re Excited To See The Final Result When Restoration of our 1953 Maverick Sportster is Complete

Hi Gang… Back in 1952, Sterling Gladwin set out to build a beautiful boulevard sports car that would make a statement no matter where it appeared – and he met that objective in every way.  The Maverick was always fitted … Continue reading

Showcase: 1952 Manta Ray

Showcase 1952  Manta  Ray Designed  and  Built  By  Glenn  Hire  and  Vernon  Antoine Owners:  Donald  and  Lori  Lacer, Junction City, Kansas —   One  of  America’s  First  Postwar  Show  Cars  — Best  Viewed  In  Landscape  Mode Use  On-Screen  Arrows  To  Move  … Continue reading

Showcase: 1956 Bangert Manta Ray

Showcase 1956  Bangert  Manta  Ray Design  by  Noel  (Marshall)  Bangert Owner:  Jack  Farr,  Cresson,  Texas —  Based  on  The  Styling  of  the  Buick  Wildcat  II  Concept  Car  —   History  of  This  Car Noel Bangert launched his first car to … Continue reading

For Sale in USA: 1962 Devin C

Brian Miller’s 1962 Devin C Is About To Find an Excited New Owner!

Hi Gang… Another beautiful Devin sports car is being offered for sale and this one by one of our Undiscovered Classics friends – Brian Miller. Brian has been a Devin enthusiast and a vocal advocate of handcrafted sports cars since … Continue reading

Frank Cornell Archives

Frank  Cornell  Archives Woodill  Wildfire  Historian  Emeritus From The Desk of Frank Cornell: December 25, 2019 I’d always been a “car guy”, and mostly into sports cars. I didn’t get interested in fiberglass until the early 70s when I purchased … Continue reading

The Simpson Design Swift Project

The Simpson Design “Swift” – The Latest Custom Design By Jim Simpson and Company

Hi Gang… I’ve admired the work that has come from Simpson Design several years before I got the chance to talk with and meet Jim Simpson.  Since that day, Jim and I have been fast friends and on several occasions … Continue reading

Victress S1A Scale Models Now Available – Featuring the Johnny Dark Victress

Two Models of the Victress S1A Roadster Are Now Available For Purchase

Hi Gang… Great news… can now create your own Undiscovered Classics collection and save some garage space while doing so.   Thanks to the efforts of Alex Kotyar of Esval Models and some keen rendering work of artist extraordinaire Dan Palatnik, scale models of a 1953 and 1954 … Continue reading

Mystery Singer Special Surfaces in South Africa

Nice Proportions For a Sports Car – I hope we can find out the heritage here

Hi Gang… I love Singer Specials.  Strong engine with overhead cam.  Custom bodies – usually lightweight fiberglass, and all usually built in the 1952-1955 era.  And besides…..Singers are fun and Singers are rare.  These cars tick all the boxes for … Continue reading

Autoweek: Rollie Langston built an SR-100 in the late 1950s — and used it as a daily driver

When Finished, Rollie Langston’s Byers SR-100 Was One of the Most Attractive Byers Sports Cars Built

Hi Gang… Rollie Langston has continued to be an advocate of handcrafted sports cars since he started building his first one at age 14 – and he finished it 3 years later.  Now in his 70s, he’s building his second … Continue reading

Glasspar G2 For Sale in Germany

Andreas Graf’s Beautiful Restored 1953 Glasspar G2 Sports Car

Hi Gang… There’s a beautiful Glasspar G2 sports car for sale right now in Germany – and it’s one that I’ve been tracking for 10+ years.  I first learned about this G2 from the Hoover family.  Bill Hoover was an … Continue reading

Coupe of Desire – The 1968 Snedeker Coupe

The 1968 Leo Snedecker Coupe – An Artistic Mix of Byers and Kellison

Hi Gang… Dave Peterson’s telling of the story of his two cars – both built by Leo Snedecker – really underlines the fact of just how “handcrafted” these special-built sports cars were across America.  And as you’ll read, Leo didn’t … Continue reading

Kjell Qvale

Kjell  Qvale BMC  Singer Articles  About  Kjell  Qvale  and  BMC  Singer Click  Here  To  Learn  More Audio  Interview  Recordings  With  Kjell  Qvale 14  Minute  Interview:  January  7,  2010 Audio  Interview  Recordings  With  Dan  Nichols Memories  on  the  BMC  Singer  Sports  … Continue reading

History: Byers SR-100, CR-90

History Byers  Sports  Cars  (1955 – 1968) Design  By  Jim  Byers —  The  World’s  Most  Beautiful  Sports  Car — Road  &  Track,  February,  1957 Byers  Sports  Cars Road and Track featured a Byers SR-100 on the cover of their magazine in … Continue reading

Showcase: 1956 Byers SR-100 – Jack Farr

Showcase 1956  Byers  SR-100 Design  by  Jim  Byers Owner:  Jack  Farr,  Cresson,  Texas —  The  World’s  Most  Beautiful  Sports  Car — Road  &  Track,  February,  1957   History  of  This  Car This car was originally built by two enthusiasts in the … Continue reading

1952 Manta Ray Scale Models Now Available

Esval Now Has Two Versions of the Manta Ray Available

Hi Gang… Great news… can now create your own Undiscovered Classics collection and save some garage space while doing so.   Thanks to the efforts of Alex Kotyar of Esval Models and some keen rendering work of artist extraordinaire Dan Palatnik, scale models of the 1952 Manta Ray … Continue reading

Victress – Home

Victress  Manufacturing Home  Page 1952 – 1961 This section of our website is under construction as of 10/1/2019.  We will continue adding details and features over the next few months so check back and see our progress.  And….welcome to our … Continue reading

Jean Poirier Archives

Jean  Poirier  Archives Glasspar  G2  Historian  Emeritus In Process Newsletters Bill Tritt Video Smithsonian Induction American Treasure – Smithsonian Induction of Glasspar G2 Kit Car Magazine: January, 2001 1994 Letter … Continue reading

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2020: Scott and Celesta Bosés 1959 Devin Porsche Special

Scott and Celesta Bosés Beautifully Restored Devin Porsche Special

Hi Gang… The 2020 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance was quite an event.  Three different American Specials in three different classes which included a 1958 Victress S1A sports car, the one-off “1952 Voodoo Gardner Special” and today’s story – a  1959 … Continue reading

The 1960 Floridian and Seagrave – Story By Robert Cunningham

Here’s one of the two Seagrave / Floridian Cars that have been found. This one went to auction in 2018.

Hi Gang… Today I’m honored to share an article by our friend and intrepid “historian-adventurer” Bob Cunningham.  Bob has always had an affinity for small cars, lost marques and their history.  Today’s article about the Floridian / Seagrave has never … Continue reading

Appraisal Sample: 1955 LeGene “Californian”

Appraisal  Sample  For  An  American  Special 1955  LeGene  “Californian” Overview The example below is an appraisal completed for a customer who owned a restored 1955 LeGene Californian Roadster.  This car was painted yellow and is shown in the appraisal below.  … Continue reading

Valuation: Hagerty Value Guides

Valuation:  American  Specials Hagerty  Value  Guides  For  American  Specials The Valuation Guides maintained by Hagerty continue to show excellent results for nicely restored American Specials that have been brought back to beautiful condition. Overview Currently Hagerty value estimates exceed $100,000 … Continue reading

Showcase: 1954 Debonnaire – Paul Sable

Showcase 1954  Debonnaire / Venture Design  By  Phillip  Egan  (from  the  Tucker  Design  Team) Owner:  Paul Sable,  Jim  Thorpe,  Pennsylvania —   America’s  Boulevard  Sports  Car  — History  of  This  Car This was one of the Debonnaire’s built by the factory.  … Continue reading

Showcase: 1966 Cannara

Showcase 1966 Cannara Built at the Beginning of the Wedge Car Movement —   Strother MacMinn Was Ray Cannara’s Mentor at the ArtCenter  — History  of  This  Car Ray Cannara, a native Floridian was a successful designer from the start winning … Continue reading

History: 1958 LeMans Coupe by Strother MacMinn

History LeMans  Coupe  (1958) Design  By  Strother  MacMinn 1958  LeMans  Coupe  by  Strother  MacMinn —  The  Most  Exciting  Sports  Car  Design  Constructed  In  The  USA  In  Years — Robert  Cumberford:  SCG  Magazine,  March  1960 No other “Special” of the 1950s … Continue reading

Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Sarasota  Classic  Car  Museum Undiscovered  Classics  Cars  on  Display Sarasota,  Florida 2008  to  Present Martin  Godbey Owner and Curator: Sarasota Classic Car Museum Proprietor: Vintage Motors of Sarasota Cars  In  Museum (Scroll Down To See Photos of Cars) 1937 Long-Wheelbase … Continue reading

1953, April: Hop Up Magazine

Plastic  Bodies  For  Home  Production Hop Up Magazine: April, 1953 First known photo of a Victress S1A sports car.  Person next to car is Jim Byers. Most  likely  the  First  Victress  S1. … Continue reading

Showcase: 1954 Victress S1 – Motor Trend Victress

Showcase 1954  Victress  S1A Design  By  Doc Boyce-Smith  and  Hugh  Jorgensen Owner:  Guy  Dirkin,  Clermont,  Florida —  The  Lost  Motor  Trend  Victress — Built  By  Fred  Bodley – Motor Trend Technical Editor History of This Car The 1954 “Motor Trend” … Continue reading

Victress Brochures

Victress  Brochures Catalog Featuring a Victress S1 and S4 1954 Hellings  Flyer  For  Victress  And  More Various  Years Catalog Featuring a Victress S1, S4, S5 and Dragster 1955 Sample  Letters  From  Victress … Continue reading

Showcase: 1952 Glasspar G2

Showcase 1952  Glasspar  G2 Design  By  Bill  Tritt Owners:  Brian  and  Sue  Ford,  Christchurch,  New  Zealand Best  Viewed  In  Landscape  Mode Use  On-Screen  Arrows  To  Move  Thru  Photos History  of  This  Car The Glasspar G2 is considered by many to … Continue reading

Showcase: 1952 Voodoo Gardner

Showcase 1952  Voodoo  Gardner Designed  and  Built  By  Jerry  Gardner Owners:  Brian  and  Sue  Ford,  Christchurch,  New  Zealand —   The  Mightiest  Postwar  Special  Ever  Built  — Click on the Links Below For More Information Story: EXTRA EXTRA….The 1952 Voodoo Gardner … Continue reading

LeGene “Californian” History

LeGene  “Californian”  Roadster Home  Page Overview (Story below is in draft form as of 1/1/2019) Working on this story as of 2/24/19 Click Here To Review All LeGene “Californian” Roadster Stories on our Website Click Here To Review LeGene Sports … Continue reading

Devin History

DEVIN  HISTORY History (Story below is in draft form as of 1/1/2019)   Devin Panhard Designer:  Devin Sports Car (27 different sizes) Designer: Devin SS Devin GT Coupe       Vintage Brochures     Vintage Ads   Vintage & … Continue reading