EXTRA EXTRA….The 1952 Voodoo Gardner is “Amelia Bound” in 2020!

Hi Gang…

Great news gang. The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance has officially accepted the 1952 Voodoo Gardner for presentation on the field at their event in March, 2020. We at Undiscovered Classics are excited to be jointly showing the car with owners Brian and Sue Ford of Christchurch, New Zealand, and look forward to sharing more of its history to those interested.

The car is shown below and is nearly finished. Good friend Tom Cook is completing the interior and some mechanical finishing. Tom has completed work on many of our other cars too including the Leo Lyons Custom Mercury, our Bangert Manta Ray and Guy Dirkin’s Victress S1A.  The windshield will also soon be fitted so the car will officially debut to the public at Amelia in March, 2020.

It’s come a long way since we originally acquired it many years ago.  Here are two photos of what it looked like then:

We plan on sharing photos of our restoration progress from now until the Voodoo’s debut at Amelia, so stay tuned. Much is happening down here in Tampa, Florida at Undiscovered Classics where there’s lots of hard work going on with our team – but incredible fun too  😉



For those of you wanting to learn more about the Voodoo Gardner from our website here at Undiscovered Classics, click on the following links:

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Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



EXTRA EXTRA….The 1952 Voodoo Gardner is “Amelia Bound” in 2020! — 9 Comments

  1. Geoff,
    Another Great Restoration
    I really like the detail in the engine compartment. The red body color really makes the chrome pop.
    Hope to make it to Amelia Island Show 2020
    Regards, Dennis

  2. Dear Geoff
    I see what Mr Andress means about the steering wheel, not that the wheel showing in the ‘as found’ photos was anything to write home about.
    Adapt something like a classic ‘after market’ 1960s woodrim wheel?

    • Patrick…glad you liked the expense sheet. What a neat piece of history to survive all these years. Thanks for sharing. Geoff

  3. Geoff

    Get rid of that cheap auto parts steering wheel!!
    Why do people keep using them from the 70’s 80’s not period correct

    • John….I think you’re right. Let’s see if we can swap it out for something more appropriate before the car is complete. Thanks for sharing. Geoff

  4. Thanks for publishing Geoff. What a cool little sportscar! I’ll bet it gets up and scoots! Nice lines too. I went through the photo collection; what a labor of love….something most of us know first-hand. Congrats to Brian and Sue Ford for seeing it through.
    It does look as though the hood scoop was elongated from the original; a good thing. But I don’t really understand the placement of the gas filler cap on top of the rear quarter-panel though…..just saying.
    But all in all, a beautiful car which should do well at Amelia Island. Good work by Tom Cook!!
    The Adventure Continues.

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