About Geoffrey Hacker

Geoffrey R. Hacker, Ph.D. is an automotive historian who is researching the history of handcrafted American sports cars - and other unusual vehicles - with a team that spans the world. Read more about Geoff's background on the Portfolio-About Us link of the Undiscovered Classics website. He can be reached at Undiscovered.Classics@gmail.com Tampa, Florida (813) 888-8882

Johnny Dark Woodill Wildfire #2 Found – Restoration Begins

Hi Gang… Sometimes it comes down to one piece of information….and sometimes it takes a convergence or several multiple pieces of information which together help confirm the history of the car.  Research and validation of a car’s history is what … Continue reading

Lost History Found – Meet John Dragich’s 1953 Zaba Special – Part 1

Hi Gang… At Undiscovered Classics we’re proud to have created a community that both helps with research and invites those with information about these cars to contribute – an active research and collaboration website.  And its just these unique ingredients … Continue reading