Rare & Unique Vehicles: Issue #4 Now Available

Hi Gang…

Last year one of our good friends, Pal Negyesi, launched a terrific quarterly magazine called “Rare & Unique Vehicles.”  You can read about the launch of the magazine via the link below:

Click Here To Learn More About the “Rare & Unique Vehicles” Magazine

The 4th issue of this magazine has now debuted  and in this latest issue, some of the topics covered include:

  • Plastic bodied sports cars of the 1950s such as the Buckle from Australia and the Skoda 445 Roadster from Czechoslovakia
  • Coachbuilt cars including the Gaylord Zeppelin, Gutbrod Superior Roadster, Vignale-bodied Fiat and more
  • A new section is introduced called “Collectors’ Corner” and introduces a 1901 Panhard-Levassor with a very early electromagnetic gearbox and one of the last Delahaye cars built – an Antem-bodied 235 from 1952.
  • Rare & Unique Vehicles Magazine features more than cars.  For example in this issue, they include a review of a 1912 Puch Model N motorcycle and an anniversary celebration of Finnish heavy duty specialist Sisu.

What makes the latest issue even more fun is that there is an 8-page feature on the Maverick Sportster showcasing (for the first time) both restored Mavericks that exist.  Our friend Ken Gross authored the article and I think you’ll enjoy reading it if you subscribe and/or purchase the magazine.  Here are some sample pages of the current issue of the magazine:

Subscribing to Rare & Unique Vehicles Magazine

If you would like to know more about these rare cars and marques, the best action to take is to read the whole story in Rare & Unique Vehicles No 4, and/or subscribe to the quarterly magazine via the following link:

Click Here To Purchase Back Issues and/or Subscribe To This Magazine


We wish Pal continued success with his new enterprise and applaud supporting the rare cars that we have come to appreciate on our website and across our group.  And I’m sure that if you like the Rare & Unique cars covered by our Undiscovered Classics enterprise, you’ll also greatly enjoy learning about more of these cars from an international perspective.  So I can honestly say to each of you that is you subscribe I think you’ll find great enjoyment with each issue of the magazine.  Keep up the great job Pal!

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.


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