New Magazine Launch: Rare and Unique Vehicles

The First Three Planned Issues of Pal’s Magazine Look Extraordinary!

Hi Gang…

One of our good friends and author of articles here at Undiscovered Classics, Pal Negyesi, has some exciting news to share.  And the “news” is about my favorite topic – rare and unusual cars.

Pal is a automotive historian from Hungary who researches the history of all cars, and like me, has an affinity for cars we rarely see or hear about.  He’s taking his interest to the next level and has quietly laid the groundwork to bring out a magazine – one that exclusively focuses on exactly these types of cars.  The magazine is called “Rare & Unique Vehicles.”

Let’s hear more from Pal on this project and bringing it to fruition.  Take it away Pal 🙂

New Magazine Launch:  Rare and Unique Vehicles
By Pal Negyesi

You have seen my articles here at Undiscovered Classics – now I am taking a step forward.  I am launching a very special car magazine. It will be a quarterly, subscription based magazine titled Rare & Unique Vehicles. Each issue will focus on a central theme, followed by a few anniversary-related features and a column called “Spin the Globe”.  Spin the Globe is a unique column featuring rare, unusual and interesting cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses from around the world.

The first issue will place special emphasis on streamlining with feature articles on:

  • Paul Járay
  • The Stout Scarab
  • Wikov 35 Kapka
  • Aerodynamic German Racing Cars of the 1930s and more

Additionally, we’ll look at the Victoria K1 – the first BMW-engined motorcycle from 1920, 50-years of Bond Bug. The ‘Spin the Globe” section will feature a Trabant-based buggy from Hungary (which you have already seen here :)), a French car from 1901 which escaped all the history books, an Australian coupe and more.

I need to collect 400 subscribers in order to launch the magazine. We have set up a website at where you can preview some of the articles and then join the list of subscribers.

Click Here To Visit The “Rare and Unique Vehicles” Website and Become a Subscriber and Patron


Great thanks to Pal for sharing his news with us today and I’ve already committed a subscription in our name.  After all, “Undiscovered Classics” isn’t that far off a name from “Rare and Unique Vehicles.”  Probably closer than we think 🙂

And for those of you interested here’s a bit more about Pal’s background:

Pál Négyesi, Ph.D., has been researching the history of Hungarian motoring for almost 30 years. Lately he has participated in various international research projects as well. He’s an international author and conference speaker.  He completed his PhD in 2018 on motoring museums (you can read it HERE He maintains a worldwide guide on motoring museums at and offers stories and an event guide on East European cars at  Pal can be contacted at, Vienna, Austria, +43 664 883 60 677

Click Here To View All of Pal Negyesi’s stories here on Undiscovered Classics

We wish Pal great success with his new enterprise and applaud supporting the rare cars that we have come to appreciate on our website and across our group.  Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.


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