Devin Sports Car Prices Continue to Increase at Auctions

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Values continue to increased for Devin sports cars at auctions across the country.  The latest example is this beautifully restored Devin C which sold for $61,500 excluding fees on September 15, 2021 via Bring a Trailer (BaT).

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Check out some of the photos below for more detail:

Devin Values and Bring a Trailer: 

Bring a Trailer was acquired by Hearst Autos last year (June 25, 2020) and continues to be a great site for selling Devin sports cars,.  Over and over, Devin’s have appeared and sold at great prices and recently the pace has picked up.   Since 2014, fourteen Devins have been presented on the Bring a Trailer site, and thirteen of these fourteen have sold.  Prices realized have ranged from under $10,000 to the highest one achieved so far which is $61,500.  What makes this more impressive is that 11 of the 14 Devins on BaT have been advertised and sold in the past 2 and 1/2 years. Check out the link below to see all 14 Devin Sports Cars that have appeared on BaT:

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The Trend Continues to Other Handcrafted Sports Cars

The trend of nicely restored American handcrafted cars being well-sold at auctions has continued to build in size and number.  We’ve been tracking this trend for more than a decade.  Some of the best sales have pushed into the six figure range with an Allied Blackhawk and a Glasspar G2 reaching these heights for the first time.  Other restored American Specials have done well too.

If you have a restored handcrafted American Special that is restored and ready to go, the options may be very good for you at this time.  Check out the “Valuation” page on our website for some excellent “auction-sold” examples:

Click Here For Auction Results of Handcrafted Sports Specials 


There have been private sales of other handcrafted specials too, and they have done well – even better in more recent years, but the common thread to all of these is restored condition.  Get those cars done and out there gang – you never know when you may want to tap the market, and the good news is that the trend over years continues to increase.

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