New Victress S1A Found in the Northeast

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With only about 125 Victress S1A bodies produced back in the day, we don’t often see a new one – a car we haven’t see before – pop up on our radar.  This one showed up on Facebook Marketplace about 2 weeks ago and Steven Ryder was quick to pounce.  And what a great find he acquired!  It looks like it was a running, driving car when first built,

You can see from the photos below that it is powered by a Ford Flathead, and the unique rear axle with the axle nut sticking out means it’s a 1938-1948 Ford rear axle – and probably the same frame modified under the car too.  The hood hinges are Victress and the dashboard has a nice original layout for the car.

It was found in the Pennsylvania area about 25 years ago, but no history of the Victress was passed onto the new owner Steven.  And it doesn’t match any cars shown in vintage Victress articles so it was probably a local car and only local folks – if they are still around – would know the history of the car.  Perhaps some of you will recognize some interesting features in the photos below.

So let’s check out some photos 🙂

Steven Ryder’s Victress S1A


Steven is excited about what he brought home.  He tried purchasing a Victress S1A about 30 years ago and it slipped through his hands.  This one has not and it’s I was pleased to learn he has already begun working on it.  We wish him the best of luck on his new find and will keep you posted with his restoration as he forwards photos to us on his progress.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



New Victress S1A Found in the Northeast — 3 Comments

  1. Great find Steven! Can’t wait to see progress updates. If you can finish it, you won’t be disappointed. These cars instantly start a conversation no matter where you drive one! Have fun restoring that gem. Mike Akens 1953 S1-A owner.

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