Work Begins on Charles Le Menestrel’s 1953 Allied Swallow Coupe

Restoration Work Begins on the Allied Swallow Body – Getting Everything “Square” is the First Step.

Hi Gang… I love seeing progress and today’s story is no different. Charles Le Menestrel of Belgium is a fan of handbuilt American Specials.  Today he’s beginning the “build” of his Allied Swallow shown in today’s story with sights on … Continue reading

1952 Glasspar G2 Restoration Begins

What A Sound Car To Start From For A Full Restoration – This Will Be Exciting To Watch

Hi Gang… What’s better than having just one Glasspar G2 to restore? Well if you ask Tony St. Clair it’s having TWO Glasspar G2 sports cars to restore.  And in the last few months, Tony has kept us busy here … Continue reading

1953 Grantham Stardust Restoration Begins

Twelve Grantham Stardust Sports Cars Were Built – Just Four Remain

Hi Gang… Exciting news for one of my favorite handcrafted cars of the 1950s – the Grantham Stardust.  While we have an unrestored example in our collection, Undiscovered Classics has partnered with David Deluca to restore and show his Stardust … Continue reading

1953 Maverick Sportster Nearing Completion

We’re Excited To See The Final Result When Restoration of our 1953 Maverick Sportster is Complete

Hi Gang… Back in 1952, Sterling Gladwin set out to build a beautiful boulevard sports car that would make a statement no matter where it appeared – and he met that objective in every way.  The Maverick was always fitted … Continue reading

For Sale in USA: 1962 Devin C

Brian Miller’s 1962 Devin C Is About To Find an Excited New Owner!

Hi Gang… Another beautiful Devin sports car is being offered for sale and this one by one of our Undiscovered Classics friends – Brian Miller. Brian has been a Devin enthusiast and a vocal advocate of handcrafted sports cars since … Continue reading