1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet Book Now Available

Our 1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Book Is Now Available – Online and In-Print

Hi Gang…

Our 1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet book is now online and you can review and read it for free.  You can also use the controls at the bottom of the screen (when you read the book) to download the entire book for free in pdf format.  Click on the image or link below to view the book:

Click Here To View Book Featuring 1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet

Those of you wanting to learn more about both the the 1947 and 1948 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet can click on the link below:

Click Here To Learn More About Both the 1947 and 1948 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet Sports Cars


We continue to add books to our Undiscovered Classics library.  Some are free to read and others are “shout-outs” to some of our friends who are authors and have written books deserving to be on the best shelves of automotive libraries across the world.

Click Here To View Our Books:  Online and In-Print

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.


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