Modern Plastics February 1953 – A “Gaggle” of Glass For You to Review

The 1951 “Lancer” by Eric Irwin. It Debuted at the 1951 Petersen Motorama at the Pan Pacific Auditorium With the Glasspar G2, and the Wasp and Skorpion

Hi Gang…

“Watch 1953…..Plastic bodies are not only the coming thing – they have come, and they are too good not to stay”.

That’s what Jim Potter, managing editor of Motor Trend wrote in December 1952 – and he was exactly right.  And the article in our story today from “Modern Plastics” proves Jim Potter’s point in February 1953.

Rick and I continue to push the envelope in terms of uncovering magazine articles and references to share with you on our website and later in our “Forgotten Fiberglass” book.  The article in this story is seldom seen because it comes from a Trade Journal – not an enthusiast magazine like Hot Rod or Road and Track.

Great Shot of Brooks Boxer from the Rear – We’re Still Trying to Identify the Woman – John Knebel Says She’s Too Young to be Ken Brooks Wife, Dorothy

Articles in Trade Journals cover the industry from a completely different point of view and can reveal untold facts about fiberglass cars and companies not seen elsewhere.  Rick and I have canvassed trade journals and foreign magazines for obscure and unknown detail about these cars.  We’re excited to be able to share this information with you and hope you enjoy.

February 1953 Modern Plastics Article

This is an excellent article with some amazing pictures.  The opening picture of Bill Tritt driving the Brooks Boxer is stunning.  A great picture of the Lancer appears and nice shots of the Skorpions too.  There are two pictures of a LaSaetta, and 3 pictures of the Rockefeller Yankee being laid up and assembled.


The pictures of the Atlas/Allied cars shows all 3 individuals who owned the company – Bill Burke, Mickey Thompson, and Roy Kinch in his wheelchair in the background.  There’s even a picture of the Ray Green / Dean Frazen “Frazen” – also called the “Gopher” by the Greene family.

Checkout the 1952 Frazen by Ray Greene and Dean Frazen – Rick and I Found This Car Last Year During Our Yearly Travels

Additional Fiberglass Facts Found in the Article:

The article also shares some interesting facts as follows:

  • The soon to debut Kaiser Darrin is shown – Glasspar made the initial molds and several bodies
  • The Muntz Car Company’s intended use of fiberglass for bodies is discussed (the car the Muntz is based on, the Kurtis Sports Car, also used fiberglass fenders, hood, and trunk on some of their cars – made by Paul Omohundro of Paramount California)
  • Vale Wright’s sports car is discussed
  • Eric Irwin’s Lancer is reviewed as well as his plans to unveil additional models
  • Sterling Gladwin’s Maverick Sportster is discussed
  • And additional detail about the industry is included as well.

Here You Can See Bill Burke at Front Left, Mickey Thompson at Front Right, and Behind Bill Burke is Roy Kinch in his Wheelchair – Working on the Car Too – All 3 Were Partners on the Allied/Atlas Car

I hope you enjoy the article and the pictures of these cars.  As before, I’ve scanned close-ups of several of these pictures for your review and enjoyment.

Go get ‘em glass guys and gals…



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