The 1975 Invader GT5 Brochure by Autokit Industries – Thanks Jim Fox!

Hi Gang…

Fiberglass friend Jim Fox touches base with us from time to time – and a great friend to Forgotten Fiberglass Jim has been these many years!  We’re honored to have him as part of our team 🙂

I first met Jim in 2010 at the Petersen Automotive Museum’s exhibition on fiberglass – click here to review some of the stories about this exhibition several years ago.  Part of this exhibition was a weekend where speakers were brought in to discuss the history of fiberglass sports cars and a car show was planned.

Walking through the cars at the show that day, I still remember Jim’s beautiful Berkeley sports car.  I’ve posted a few photos of his car below.  And….you can see how Jim gets a bit of exercise, too, with his car.  I need to try this with one of my Sharks too (although I’ll lift the front end of my car with “leverage” being a friend of mine.)

Here are some of these photos of Jim Fox with his Berkley:

1 2 3

Jim is one strong guy!!!

Recently Jim contacted me about a beautifully composed brochure from 1975 about the Invader GT5 sports car.  Jim was exactly right about how nicely this was done – one of the most comprehensive brochures I’ve seen from any car in the period.  And the photography inside is superb and wonderful to look at – a glimpse into the artful compositions of the 1970s.

So….with great thanks to Jim Fox, let’s review the brochure from this great sports car of the 1970s – the Invader GT5.  And remember…click on any of the photos below to make the image appear larger on your screen.

1975 Invader GT5 Brochure by Autokit Industries

Invader Invader-2 Invader-3 Invader-4 Invader-5 Invader-6 Invader-7 Invader-8 Invader-9 Invader-10

Invader-11 Invader-12 Invader-13 Invader-14 Invader-15 Invader-16 Invader-17 Invader-18 Invader-19 Invader-20


While we concentrate on mostly vintage handcrafted stories of the 40s, 50s, and 60s here at Forgotten Fiberglass, I think it’s great to feature some of the cars that stretched into the 70s, 80s and modern times too.  And it looks like the Invader GT5 sports car may have a great story behind it too.

I visited another site that focuses more on modern stories – a website called “Price of His Toys” and found a bit more information on the history of the Invader GT5 sports car:

Click here to review more information about the Invader GT5 sports car

It looks like the family and individuals that designed and built the Invader may be easy to reach.  Anyone up to contacting them and seeing if we can put the story of their car and company together and sharing it for all here at Forgotten Fiberglass?  No doubt the process of research and discovery will be fun too 🙂

Thanks again to Jim Foxx for helping us in a significant way with today’s post.  Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



The 1975 Invader GT5 Brochure by Autokit Industries – Thanks Jim Fox! — 6 Comments

  1. Nice brochure! Thanks! A friend of mine had to cut up an Invader a few years back due to lack of space. I tried to save it but couldn’t. But he sent me the cast aluminum nose emblem,which I would happily send to anyone who has an Invader.
    Harold Pace

    • I have an Invader GT5, I bought it last year from the original owner and builder, who bought it in 1976. It did not come with any of the badges. A friend of mine made two out of plastic, with 3D printer. Do you still have the metal badge?

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