Mystery Car Built by Woodill (Wildfire) Fiber Glass Body Corporation

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Today’s story comes from the depths of the “Frank Cornell Archives” – materials Frank amassed while studying Woodill Wildfire and related cars for more than 30 years.  Frank had these materials for a good reason – he’s our Woodill Wildfire Historian Emeritus having researched this car – along with good friend Fred Roth – for many a year.

One of the pieces that Frank shared with us was a proposal that Woody Woodill had put together in the late 1950’s to move his company forward and look for funding to produce several versions of his Woodill Wildfire.  By now the company was called the “Woodill Fiber Glass Body Corporation” and stock was being issued and sold.


I’ll be sharing the entire proposal contents with you soon, but today’s story focuses on just 3 pages of this brochure.  Within these pages are 27 small photos of a car that I’ve not seen before.  And…if you study the photos you’ll see design models, drawings, and even a different version being mocked up for display.

It’s not a particularly large car, but it’s interesting just the same – and unknown to our group – up to this point.  All that is noted on the page is that it’s part of a training program he’s proposing, and that “all further information is classified as secret at this time.”

I love secrets!  Let’s take a look at the photos.

The Medium Production Automobile
By The Woodill Fiber Glass Body Corporation

1 2 3 4

scan_503 scan_504 scan_505 scan_506 scan_507 scan_508 scan_509 scan_510 scan_511 scan_514 scan_515 scan_516 scan_517 scan_518 scan_519 scan_520 scan_521 scan_522 scan_525 scan_526 scan_527 scan_528 scan_529 scan_530 scan_531 scan_532 scan_533


Not much else to go on for now to track this story down gang.  I’ll share these with Phil Cox – our former Woodill Wildfire employee who may remember something important, but if not….the mystery remains to be solved by you.  Go get ’em Fiber-Gang!  🙂   And of course, great thanks to Woodill Wildfire Historian Emeritus – Frank Cornell – for sharing today’s great find.  Much appreciated Frank!

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Forgotten Fiberglass.



Mystery Car Built by Woodill (Wildfire) Fiber Glass Body Corporation — 3 Comments

  1. I heard stories years ago that Woody went to Argentina trying to sell his car there, I assumed he was trying to sell the wildfire . This car resembles the mini Cooper with the sideways 4 cylinder engine and very short nose.
    I love the small drawing of the wildfire as a pickup truck, El Camino style, it would be great for one of us fiberglass guys to build.
    Thank you Frank and Geoff for another great story!

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