Johnny Dark Woodill Wildfire #2 Found – Restoration Begins

Hi Gang… Sometimes it comes down to one piece of information….and sometimes it takes a convergence or several multiple pieces of information which together help confirm the history of the car.  Research and validation of a car’s history is what … Continue reading

FOUND! Mystery Woodill Wildfire in Spring, Texas Finally Reveals Itself

Hi Gang… Ted Griffin and I have been looking for this car for nearly 40 years.  Ok….maybe 40 years for Ted, and less time for me.  Ted first saw this Woodill Wildfire in much better shape in the early 80s.  … Continue reading

The Buick Wildfire – How Many Did Thou Build?

Hi Gang… A Woodill Wildfire with Buick body modifications?  Headlights, taillights and perhaps even more.  And we’ve found several of these.  How could they exist and what does it mean?  Let’s dive into a bit of history with a recent … Continue reading

In Search of the Johnny Dark Woodill Wildfire #1 – The Red One

Hi Gang… One of the most famous fiberglass sports cars of the 1950s is the lead car from the 1954 movie Johnny Dark.  Much speculation has taken place over the last many years concerning whether the car survives and who … Continue reading

Woodill Wildfire Barn Find Surfaces in France: Welcome to Retromobile 2014

Hi Gang… Each year, a show in France draws an international audience that captivates enthusiasts and professionals alike.  It’s called “Retromobile” and showcases vintage, classic, sports, and all kinds of vehicles galore (click here to learn more).  I haven’t been … Continue reading

Johnny Dark Production Notes Found! And Why They Are Important For Forgotten Fiberglass Enthusiasts

Hi Gang… If you love the vintage fiberglass cars of the early ‘50s – the 1954 movie “Johnny Dark” is for you.  It has everything a car guy would want in “car guy” movie: Sports car races – one actual … Continue reading

In ’58 It’s Great! Ten Fiberglass Cars Reviewed: 1958 Sports Car Illustrated Directory

Hi Gang… Sports Car Illustrated started out with their first issue in July of ’55 and met with great success.  One year later they released a special edition (one issue only) titled “International Auto Salon.”  While I’m still researching if … Continue reading

The Cars of the Milwaukee Masterpiece: Dick and Jeanette Foster’s “1954 Woodill Wildfire Roadster”

Hi Gang… As promised earlier, I’ll show “more” and talk “less” about each of the cars that appeared at the Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’ Elegance on August 28th, 2011.  Click here to read more about the success of vintage ‘glass … Continue reading

“Car Buff Tony Curtis Pitches For Toledo Premier of ‘Johnny Dark’ (Toledo Blade Newspaper, November 22nd, 1953)

Hi Gang… Ah….the “smoking gun.” Isn’t that what we’re always looking for?  For me, the “smoking gun” has always been getting Tony Curtis’ detailed thoughts on the movie Johnny Dark – at the time the movie was filmed.  And that’s…..what I … Continue reading

Demonstrating The Strength of Fiberglass: Woodill Wildfire – Coverage at the 1954 World Motor Sports Show, New York

Hi Gang… As I’ve mentioned to you before, I’m tracking down the programs for all major car shows of the early 1950’s.  Why, you might ask?  I’m glad to answer.  I’m in search of all the relevant articles and photos of … Continue reading

Extra…Extra…Read All About It!!! World Premier of Johnny Dark Hits Toledo Ohio (June 16th, 1954)

Hi Gang… Holy Toledo! What made this city “ground zero” for the debut of the fantastic film that starred forgotten fiberglass sports cars of the fifties?  I think we may have finally figured this out, but it took meeting automotive … Continue reading

Collectibles From the Movie “Johnny Dark” – Lobby Cards

Hi Gang… As most of you know, the movie “Johnny Dark” is an important piece of history for fiberglass cars of the 1950’s.  After all, Universal Studios featured several fiberglass sports cars in the movie which included: Woodill Wildfire Victress … Continue reading

Now Showing!!! Johnny Dark, 1954 (Universal Studios) Fabulous Fiberglass Film

Hi Gang… Think back to 1953… a time when if you wanted your own American sports car, you had to build it.  Yes…the Corvette was coming out the same year and just a few hundred would be available to the public.  So … Continue reading