Petersen Automotive Museum: Fantasies in Fiberglass – 2010 Exhibition – Part 1

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The Petersen Automotive Museum is opening 2010 by celebrating the designers and entreprenuers who created fiberglass automobiles from the 1940’s thru the present day.  Leslie Kendall, the Curator of the Petersen Museum, and other luminaries within the Petersen organization have assembled a fantastic array of fiberglass cars for display.  Some of the cars that will be featured include:

  • 1946 Stout Scarab (how many of you knew of the younger brother to the Stout Scarab cars???) (On loan from Ford Museum)
  • 1951 Crosley Skorpion (Owner: Petersen Museum)
  • 1952 Series 1 Woodill Wildfire (Owner Fred Roth)
  • 1952 Maverick Sportster (owner Fred Roth)
  • 1952 Atlas/Allied (owner Stan Crawford)
  • 1954 Sorrell Manning Special (Owner Mark Brinker)
  • 1954 Hansen Cobra (Owner: Petersen Museum)
  • 1956 Volvo P1900 (Lar Jansson) – Bill Tritt of Glasspar designed and built the initial Volvo P1900 cars
  • 1958 Devin SS (Owner Mark Brinker)
  • 1961 Covington Tiburon (Owner: Geoff Hacker)
  • 1979 Pegasso (Owner: Raffi Minasian)
  • And other cars as well

The exhibit starts February 27th 2010 and remains open thru October 3rd, 2010.  The staff at Petersen have been friends and supporters of fiberglass cars in every way.  This is another example of the outstanding job the Petersen Automotive Museum continues to do in terms of education for the public about rare and unique automobiles, and the creation of exhibits that are exciting for enthusiasts across the globe.  Be sure to visit their website to learn about other exhibits at their museum  (click here for more information).  Additional information can be found in a press release about the exhibit published on the Rod & Custom Website: Click Here for more Information

In addition, the article below has been shared with permission from the Petersen Automotive Museum.  This article appears in the Petersen Quarterly Magazine and a shorter form will be available to those who visit the museum.  Thanks to the Petersen Museum for permission to share this article.  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have.

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Petersen Automotive Museum: Fantasies in Fiberglass – 2010 Exhibition – Part 1 — 3 Comments

  1. Great site. I suggest you add a section devoted to Ed Roth who specialized in ‘glas custom cars in the 60s. He was one of the most influential customizers of the golden age would be a perfect fit in this site.

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