On The Left – One of the Latest Cars by Cliff Byfield. On The Right – One of his First.

The Coachbuilt Cars of Cliff Byfield – A Story of Australian Excellence

Hi Gang… Today we’re sharing the first story by John Mellberg of Rare Component Cars.  I introduced John to you last week in the following story: Click Here To Review John Mellberg Introduction to Our Undiscovered Classics Audience John’s first … Continue reading

Nice Proportions For a Sports Car – I hope we can find out the heritage here

Mystery Singer Special Surfaces in South Africa

Hi Gang… I love Singer Specials.  Strong engine with overhead cam.  Custom bodies – usually lightweight fiberglass, and all usually built in the 1952-1955 era.  And besides…..Singers are fun and Singers are rare.  These cars tick all the boxes for … Continue reading

Here’s one of the two Seagrave / Floridian Cars that have been found. This one went to auction in 2018.

The 1960 Floridian and Seagrave – Story By Robert Cunningham

Hi Gang… Today I’m honored to share an article by our friend and intrepid “historian-adventurer” Bob Cunningham.  Bob has always had an affinity for small cars, lost marques and their history.  Today’s article about the Floridian / Seagrave has never … Continue reading