Mystery Singer Special Surfaces in South Africa

Nice Proportions For a Sports Car – I hope we can find out the heritage here

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I love Singer Specials.  Strong engine with overhead cam.  Custom bodies – usually lightweight fiberglass, and all usually built in the 1952-1955 era.  And besides…..Singers are fun and Singers are rare.  These cars tick all the boxes for me.

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When Singer released their 4AD sports car in 1951, all were built for export and most arrived on the America shores.  But not all.  Europe saw arrivals, Canada, Australia and some in South Africa.  And that’s the focus of today – our story is on the second South African Special that has been found built on a Singer chassis.  Let’s have a look what was found

Singer Special in South Africa

Many years ago, Brian Barker wrote in and shared the following with Peter McKercher – officer of the North American Singer Owner’s Club (NASOC):

I have just purchased a 1956 Singer two seater sports car but cannot find any details about the car.  The story I was told about the car was that three were built as prototypes.  One was sent to England;  one to America and the third – the one i have – was kept in South Africa and ultimately raced at the Johannesburg Kyalami race track. 

It has a fibreglass body with twin SU carbs on a Singer 1500cc engine.  Any info or details would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Brian Barker

Let’s check out some photos of the car:



Peter McKercher shares that the wheels appear to have come from a Singer 4A chassis, so this Singer Special may be built on a slighter older Singer platform than some of its American counterparts, but the end result is impressive indeed.  If 3 cars were built and sent across the world, odds are one of you may know the rest of the history – or actually have one of the remaining cars.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  So if any of you know the history of this car, please let us know.  It’s always great fun to identify a mystery car lurking out there and reunite its beauty with its history.

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Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

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  1. I remember seeing this car for sale I South Africa when I was working there in 2014. I considered buying it but I think there was a paper work issue that would have made it difficult to export to the UK.

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