Victress Porsche 356 Special Surfaces – The Hunt Begins

What A Great Porsche Special This Would Be To Find. Go Get ‘Em Gang ūüôā

Hi Gang…

Just 3 photos – that’s all we get.¬† But what tantalizing clues there are to perhaps finding this car – and maybe it survives today.¬† I know our friend Gordon Maltby of the Porsche 356 Registry would be interested.

Back in 2015, an individual in Greece posted 3 photos to a Facebook page with the following information:

“LaDawri Porsche 356: Here is a very rare LaDawri Porsche 356 that’s based on a 356 chassis with 356 mechanicals and engine.¬† Body by LaDawri.”

Let’ check ’em out ūüôā

What We Know So Far

First…The car was identified as a LaDawri Sicilian.¬† Even though the Victress C2 body style came out in 1954, LaDawri began producing these bodies when they bought Victress in the early 1960s.¬† Perhaps Merrill Powell – one of the Victress founders – will add a bit of detail below in the comment area.¬† Adding credibility to the LaDawri body issue is the dashboard seen thru the rear window of the car.¬† The dash appears to be a LaDawri specific dash offered on the C2/C3 or Sicilian / Castilian sports car bodies.

Second…The photos were posted by someone in Greece.¬† Were they taken of a car in Europe?¬† ¬†To me in the photo showing people, the context of the photo appears much more modern than the 1960s.¬† This means it might be a recent discovery posted in 2015 – but I have not heard a word about this car from anyone.¬† So is it a modern photo of a vintage restored LaDawri sports car?¬† Or a vintage photo of a Porsche 356 special that has yet to be found?¬† We’ll have to wait and see.

Third, the vintage Florida rear license plate.  Could be modern or vintage.  That is, a vintage photo with a plate from the era or a modern photo with the plate showing the year.  Green was used in 1970 for Florida Рa one year only plate color so at least we know the year of the plate (see below).

Fourth:  The rims and hubcaps appear to be Porsche 356.  A nice confirmation detail.


So the hunt is on.¬† Hopefully I’ll hear something back from the person who posted the 3 photos or maybe from some of our Undiscovered Classics brethren in Europe.¬† All information will be welcomed and what a great car this would be to find.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



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  1. In the third picture there’s a modern European reflective plate in the background. There’s only a few countries that use such a plate, UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg, but not Greece. If that helps!

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