American Special-Bodied Singer Sports / Race Cars

American  Special – Bodied  Singers
Sports  and  Race  Cars

Singer sports cars were well known across America in the early 1950s.  With an overhead cam, a powerful engine and a strong manual gearbox, they outperformed their MG counterparts in races from coast to coast. 

From 1951 to 1954, Singer produced 3,440 “4AD” roadsters – all for export outside of the UK.  The majority of these roadsters were imported into the United States making Singer sports cars a nearly unique American experience.

Assuming most of these (let’s say 2,000) were in America by 1953, Singers comprised nearly 8% of all sports cars in the U.S. at their sales peak.  Definitely a minority which illustrates why Singer sports cars are one of the more rare automotive collectibles in North America today. 

An even smaller number of these cars were special-bodied Singers built across America.  Individuals either built or commissioned custom bodies while others used hand-crafted bodies available in small numbers.  What’s undeniable is that all of these hand-built specials were exceedingly rare then – and even more so today.  In the space below, let’s have a look at…

The American Special-Bodied Singer Sports Cars Of The Early Postwar Period

1955  Jules  “J”  Heumann  Singer  Special
Design  Based  on  Cisitalia Nuvolari  Spyder
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1954  Arnt-Buchanan  “Van  Lannen”  Special
Design  Based  on  a  C-Type  Jaguar
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1954  Multiplex  186
Race  Car  /  Sports  Car  –  Designed  and  Built  in  Berwick,  Pennsylvania
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1954  Allied  “Cisitalia”  Swallow  Coupe
Lost  To  The  Years  Until  2015
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1953  Perry  Fuller  Special
One-off  Design  Ultimately  Used  to  Create  The  Singer  SMX
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1952  BMC  Singer  by  Kjell  Qvale
Just  a  Few  Built – One  a  Race  Car  and  One  A  Sports  Car
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1952  Glasspar  Vauhgn-Singer
Custom  Built  For  Bill  Vaughan  As  Show  Car  in  1952
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