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Beautifully Restored Singer 4AD Roadster on Display at the S-Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Singer sports cars were well known across America in the early fifties. With an overhead cam, a powerful engine and a strong manual gearbox, they outperformed their MG counterparts in races from coast to coast.

Their success in the American market was largely due to the efforts of two individuals – Bill Vaughan in New York City and Monroe Gretske in Los Angeles, California. All Singers came to America through Vaughan Motors on the east coast.  He was a larger than life visionary who promoted custom-bodied Singers, Singer roadsters and other European sports cars in the largest automotive events of the day. Vaughan also created successful publicity events to promote Singer roadsters with ties to celebrity endorsements including Lucille Ball, Phil Rizzuto, Katherine Hepburn and others.

Gretske was the west coast distributor for Vaughan and focused on success through franchising, publicity and racing.  Gretske’s strong connections within the Hollywood community coupled Singers with prominent celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis Jr., Debbie Reynolds and others. His consistent support of Singer racing across America brought prominence to the marque and recognized performance. The combined efforts of Bill Vaughan and Monroe Gretske put Singer sports cars on the map with appearances at shows, races, publicity events and magazine articles month after month

From 1951 to 1954, just 3,440 “4AD” roadsters were produced in England – all for export. The majority were shipped to the USA making Singer sports cars a nearly unique American experience. It’s estimated that Singer sports cars comprised nearly 8% of all sports cars in the USA in the early fifties.  It’s an impressive mark when you consider the number of other sports cars being imported at the time.  

In the USA and Canada, just 200 Singer 4AD sports cars are know to have survived to the current day.  For these reasons, Singer sports cars are recognized as one of the more rare automotive collectibles in North America today.

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August  8,  2013

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