Singer Best of the Best

Best  of  the  Best
Sports  Cars,  Race  Cars  &  Factory / Dealer  Special  Bodied  Singers

Kjell and Kay Qvale in Their BMC Singer Sports Car: August, 1952

Restored  Singer  4AD  Sports  Cars

Craig  McLaughlin’s 1952  Singer  4AD  –  Restored
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Jamaica  Montego  Bay  Hotel  –  Restored
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Singer  Race  Cars  And  Race  Car  Drivers

The  Last  Singer  Race  Car
Ralph  Bush’s  4AD  Racer

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Special – Bodied  Singers
Commissioned  By  Factory  Or  American  Dealers

Kjell  Qvale’s  British  Motor  Car  Company  (BMC)  of  San  Francisco  

1952  BMC  Singer  Roadster  and  Race  Car
Singer  4AD  Chassis
Just  a  Few  Built – One  a  Race  Car  and  One  A  Sports  Car

Bill  Vaughan’s  Vaughan  Motors  (VM)  of  New  York  City

1952  Glasspar  Vauhgn-Singer
Chassis:  Singer  4AD
Custom  Built  For  Bill  Vaughan  As  Show  Car  in  1952
Just  One  Was  Produced

The  Singer  Special – Bodied  SMX
Chassis:  Singer  4AD
Derived  From  Perry  Fuller’s  American  Custom
A  Factory  Built  Fiberglass  Bodied  Singer  4AD
Just  4  Were  Produced

Vaughan  Baby – Fiberglass  Bodied  Special
Chassis:  Unknown
Brought  Over  From  France  By  Bill  Vaughan

Coachbuilt  Singer  Ghia  Coupe
Chassis:  Singer  4AD  (Assumed)
One  Was  Built  And  Brought  To  America

Ghia  Bodied  Singer  Roadster
Chassis:  Singer  4AD  (Assumed)
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Vaughan  Wildcat  VSS
Chassis:  1953  Abarth  1100  SS
The  Concept  That  Almost  Was