1954 Singer Owners Club Hill Climb

1954  Singer  Owners  Club  Hill  Climb
First  Annual:  Willow  Springs,  California

The other clubs considered the Singer Owner’s Club (SOC) to always have the fastest and hairiest events in the California Sports Car Council, as we were mainly a club centered around racing. I raced my Singer at various events here on the West Coast.  It ran at Willow Springs, Taft, Las Vegas, Irwindale, Santa Barbara, Paramount Ranch, Riverside and Pomona amongst others. I could fling that little screamer around pretty good

As noted above, the SOC was well reputed amongst the other car clubs in California. From its inception in 1952, SOC events were always well attended, and by some of the best known race drivers in Southern California. Even Lee Marvin, the actor, was a member and competed in SOC sponsored hillclimbs in the early days. At its peak, the Club had about 40 members, but by 1962, there were just no Singers left as daily drivers.

Excerpt  From  Singer  Race  Car  Driver  “Ralph  Bush:  In  His  Own  Words”
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