The Rogue and the Enzmann – Small Car Parade: March, 1960

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Alden Jewell found this on the inside page of the Small Car Parade Magazine from March, 1960.  Shown is the new Enzmann as well as the older 1954 Renault based Rogue by Plasticar of Pennsylvannia.

Interestingly, while the Enzmann was new and being offered for sale, the other cars on the page including the Rogue were there as “eye candy” to challenge their readers on identifying the cars on the page.  Here are the photos:





Not a bad idea….maybe we should post some photos and test your fiberglass wits here at Forgotten Fiberglass.  Of course those of you who are already here with us would do fine.  But…I bet that would not be the case for the majority of your car buddies out there.

Thanks again to Alden Jewell for the article reference.  Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



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The Rogue and the Enzmann – Small Car Parade: March, 1960 — 3 Comments

  1. For those of you that would like to buy an Enzmann there is one for sale on thesamba,com the ad id no is 1413367 it’d only priced at $110,000..

    Mel Keys

  2. The Rogue looks great from this angle. What puzzles me is why they made the cockpit so small, considering all of that dead space between the interior and the engine….. Ever driven a 4CV or a Dauphine??? In stock form they are REALLY SCARY at any speed over 45mph. Even a swing axle VW is safer, and a Morris Minor handles like a sports car in comparison……. at one time, long before the Japanese import invasion, the Dauphine was the third most popular import in the US behind VW and English Ford (all models from the Anglia to the Zodiac)….

  3. ~ i might have ID’d the Enzmann with a little head scratching but not the Rogue.
    it certainly doesn’t share much visual similarity to the 4CV.

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