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We tend to think that fiberglass bodied sports cars originated in America – heck – the west cost of America at that.  But that’s just not the case.  As Harold Pace coached me years ago….besides America..fiberglass bodies and cars were being produced in Canada, the UK, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and others.  Many in the 1950’s, and certainly in the 1960’s for all.

While most car enthusiasts in the states don’t know about Glasspar, Woodill, Grantham Stardust, Meteor, Byers, etc….most of us don’t know about the Buckler, Atalanta, Ascort, Falcon, Gazelle, GSM Dart, RGS Campbell, Rochdale, Sirocco, and many many others.  That’s were my good friend from the UK, Rob Daniels, steps in.  Rob runs the best site on these cars around, and you can review it at the following location:


Rob covers all the bases and it’s up to date including foreign cars I’ve never even heard of.  He’s been a great source of information via his website and a good friend in fiberglass too.

I encourage all of you to checkout his website when you have a few minutes and explore the various cars he’s highlighted and their history.  It’s worth every minute you spend there.  And if you want to get in touch with him and thank him for his tremendous effort, you can reach Rob at: roberts.daniels@sky.com

Keep up the great work Rob….we’re keeping an eye on you from over here…



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  1. I learned to drive in a 1960 Daimler SP250. Fiberglass, 2.5 liter V-8, light and fast. Originally called a Dart, but after Dodge complained they just called it the SP250.

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