Lost Car: Where O Art Thou Victress S1A….

Hi Gang…

Back in the 1990’s, one of our esteemed members, Fred Roth, hosted and ran an event each Father’s Day called the “Thousand Oaks Car Classic” in  Thousand Oaks, California.  For fiberglass sports car guys like us, the most interesting event he ran occurred in 1995 when the theme of his show was “A Salute to the American Sports Car”.  Cars like the Glasspar, Wildfire, Victress, Bosley, and others showed up.  It was the first event of its kind that recognized cars like this.  Hats off to Fred for having the vision to see the importance of these cars.  He even worked closely with Jean Poirier to bring Bill Tritt out and be recognized during the event.  Thanks to both Fred and Jean for making such an important event happen.

In the near future, I’ll run a story on the show in 1995, but for now…let me tell you why I’m writing the story.  We have a missing Victress S1A on our hand.  Rodney Packwood recently sent me copies of the pictures of a Victress S1A you see below.  What a pretty car.  We’re nearly positive this car appeared at Fred’s show in 1995.  Never to be seen again.  Like the Amber room in Russia, where did this Victress go?  (for those of you wanting to know what I mean by “Amber Room”…here’s a link that will help:  Missing Treasures. )

So…for you car finding aficionados out there in California…get your coat and hat and start shaking the trees.   This looks like one cool car and it could be yours to find – and get some great pix of it for our group (or maybe the car too).

Whose up to the challenge???  Who will be the first to look???   Who might call Fred Roth and ask about ownership???

I already make too many phone calls….I leave this one….to one of you 🙂

Keep me posted gang and post your thoughts in our Fiberglass Forum below.



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