Woodill Wildfire Barn Find Surfaces in France: Welcome to Retromobile 2014

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Each year, a show in France draws an international audience that captivates enthusiasts and professionals alike.  It’s called “Retromobile” and showcases vintage, classic, sports, and all kinds of vehicles galore (click here to learn more).  I haven’t been there yet, but someday……I hope to 🙂

And this year, to our great surprise what should appear but a special barn find – a Woodill Wildfire sports car – a barn find to cheer!


This car had been bought by a dealer some 25 years ago and brought from America to France – it has been in storage since.  And it looks like it was a very nice original build.  The car is still wearing its California license plates and has a non-standard Corvette windscreen with Buick headlamps.  Quite a nice look!


It has dual master cylinders but sports an in-line 6 cylinder engine.  Very unusual powerplant for one of our fibercars of yesteryear.  And while it has the Buick headlight bezels, it does not have the Buick rear end taillights – an unusual combination for this car.  If this car hasn’t been modified over the years (which looks to be the case) and appeared in a vintage magazine, we should be able to nail down the who, what, where, when, and why about this car.

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Let’s have a look at some more photos of this car at Retromobile, 2014:



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The Wildfire is readily restorable and was bought by a racing enthusiast who lives in the Czech Republic.  He’s currently working with Gregg Griffin in getting more information about Wildfires and we stand by ready to help here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

And for those of you wishing to explore more about this “barn find” on the web, please visit the following sites:





Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember gang…

The adventure continues here at Forgotten Fiberglass.



Woodill Wildfire Barn Find Surfaces in France: Welcome to Retromobile 2014 — 9 Comments

  1. The Woodill hardtop has been modified to suit the wraparound windscreen. It is interesting that it sports the Buick style headlamp rings and the Willys taillights. Special order? I’ve seen pictures with this grille before. Perhaps the CA plate will tie it to a period magazine article.

  2. The headlights and bumper look like they belong there as does the windshield ,nice to see such a great example with a top too. A perfect unrestored example.
    Picture #2 proves you can fix anything with Duct tape!

  3. The engine is a Ford 6 that came out in 1941 and was built through 1951. The dual master cylinders [ 1 brake – 1 clutch ] came out about 1955 in Ford cars. They has swing peddals which worked well as the SIX went so far back into the firewall.

    • The tail lights are Willys which all Woodill bodies were set up to take. The bumpers are 1939 or 1940 Lincoln which were perhaps the best choice for Glasspars and Wildfires – kind of a period Cord and Jaguar sporty look. This type Buick headlight came out in 1953 and the 1954 Kaiser had some like them, too.

    • Engine is late 46 and later. The early 6 cyl. (G series) were used from 41 thrue late 46 and had the dist. mounted on the front of the engine much like the early V8. Minor poing but if restoration is the goal nits must be picked.

  4. Fantastic story ! Look forward to seeing the finished product when the new owner is done with it and puts it back on the roads and in the minds of people in Europe as well.

    Thanks for sharing again Geoff. Always great articles up on here 🙂

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