Petersen Automotive Museum – Fiberglass Day: Part 2 – Frank Hecox From Glasspar Remembers

Wow! Were We Lucky to Find Frank Hecox. He’s Like the “Missing Link” in Terms of Understanding the History of Glasspar and Woodill Wildfire Cars and Their Development. Thanks For Being There Frank!

Hi Gang…

This is part 2 of  a series of stories showcasing “Fiberglass Day” which was held at the Petersen Museum on June 26th, 2010.  Today’s video segment is 12 minutes long and showcases the talk by Frank Hecox – Glasspar employee who was one of just 4-5 employees dedicated to the production of Glasspar and Woodill bodies from 1952 thru 1954/1955.

Not only was Frank involved with building the G2 bodies, but was part of the team that developed the Woodill Wildfire molds and produced the first prototype Woodill Wildfires too – known as “Series I” Woodill Wildfires.  Frank recounts some of the highlights of his career working on the automobile bodies including some of his unique contributions to the designs of both cars.

Frank Spoke For About 15 Minutes Sharing Memories About Glasspar With The Audience – And Revealing Some Secrets Too!

Listening to Frank about the early days of fiberglass is a remarkable opportunity to learn about what it was like and what they accomplished when fiberglass sports cars were the “bleeding edge” of innovation across the world.

Since Frank was the first speaker of the day, we had some sound problems for the first minute or so, but if you hang in there throughout the entire video, you’ll be pleased that these were quickly worked out.

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Here’s the video for your review and enjoyment.  As before, the opening credits run about 15 seconds, and then the video starts.  Grab a drink, get some food, keep saying the word “fiberglass……fiberglass…….fiberglass….” and enjoy the video below:

[vsw id=”SdLfp3LPH6o” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Thanks again to Frank Hecox for taking the time to participate at the Petersen Museum “Fiberglass Day” event and sharing his memories with all of us.  And as always…

Glass on gang..


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