The Badges Are Coming….The Badges Are Coming (And Are Now Here!)

Hi Gang…

Thanks to the courage of Geordie Prodis, Byers SR100 owner, and the confidence he bestowed upon me in completing firewall badges for vintage fiberglass cars of the 1950’s, we now have badges for many of the cars that need them.

Two cars have unique badges are those are not ready at this time.  These are Glasspar G2’s and Woodill Wildfires.  These will be ready in the future as I hear that these owners need badges for their frames, firewalls, and door jambs.  They are unique and require a special and different approach to their reproduction and manufacture.

Today I picked up sample badges for several cars.  These include:

  • Byers SR100
  • Meteor SR1
  • Grantham Stardust
  • Victress
  • Atlas
  • Allied
  • LaDawri
  • Californian

You can see samples of these in the pictures that are part of this article and at the bottom of this story in the photo gallery.  I’ve been working on the idea of these badges on and off for several years.  Here are some of the specifications on the final production of the badges:

  • Size: 3 and ½ inches wide by 2 and ½ inches tall
  • 4 holes are pre-drilled to allow 1/8 inch diameter rivets or screws in each corner
  • The surface is aluminum which can be “stamped” with the correct VIN number per the ID number on your car
  • The black background is 1/16th inch black plastic.  The aluminum is burned away with a laser to make the image and lettering crisp and clear.  There is no “paint” to flake off
  • Where possible, logos have been reproduced which include Victress and LaDawri.
  • We created badges separately for Atlas and Allied – depending on what your car is called
  • LaDawri badges can be pre-ordered with the specific model of your car.  In fact, all badges can be ordered with information “laser cut” and crisp like the letters that appear on each badge you see.
  • Addresses on the badges represent the correct address for the fiberglass body at the time.  Other addresses can be used to the extent they are valid and represent a different time period for the same car
  • For companies that used a specific type of font style for the writing of their company name – like “Byers” we’ve faithfully recreated the font style
  • Each of the badges was based on historic information found in brochures, ads, and articles.  For example, Dick Jones of “Meteor” referred to his company as “Meteor Sport Cars” in most, but not all, ads and publications.  Here “sport” was singular and not plural – so we went with “Meteor Sport Cars”

I don’t envision that many of you will need these badges.  Heck – there aren’t that many of these cars out there.  But for those of you who would like one, let me know.  The cost is $50 per badge and includes the cost of mailing.  If, for some unimaginable reason that I run out (the only ones I have are shown in pictures in this article), I will have more created as people order them for their cars.

If there is a badge that you need that’s not one of the badges shown here – have no fear.  We can make more, but it will take a few weeks.  But since most of our cars have been waiting decades for restoration – a few more weeks can’t be all that bad.

Here’s The Firewall Badge Smartly Mounted on the Firewall of Rick’s Californian Sports Special.


So….let me know if any of you are interested in getting a badge or two.  If so, I’m happy to help.  And it will put one more “finishing touch” on your very special car too.

Hope you enjoyed the story- and the badges – and until next time…

Glass on gang…



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