Showcase: 1953 Woodill Wildfire – Johnny Dark Wildfire – Black

1953  Woodill  Wildfire – 1  of  2  Johnny  Dark  Movie  Cars
Design  By  B.R. “Woodill”  and  Bill  Tritt
Owner:  Jack  Farr,  Cresson,  Texas

—   Johnny  Dark  Movie  Car  Starring  Tony  Curtis  and  Piper  Laurie  —

History  of  This  Car

This was one of the Debonnaire’s built by the factory.  Found by Richard Ball in Ohio in the early 2000s, the car was acquired by Undiscovered Classics in 2016 and then by Paul Sable in 2018 who put it into restoration.  The planned restoration finish date is early in 2023 with a debut at a major American concours d’elegance.

Comprehensive  Woodill  Wildfire  History
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Hooray  For  Hollywood  Movie  Cars
Woodill  Wildfire:  Johnny  Dark
Amelia  Island  Concours  d’Elegance  Program:  2017
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