Woodill Wildfire Logos Are Here!!! Woodill Wildfire Logos Are Here!!!

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We’ve not been idle here at Forgotten Fiberglass, of late.  In fact, today marks the next release of logos for each of the car marques within our vintage ‘glass entourage.  And on this day, I’m pleased to release the legendary Woodill Wildfire logos from 1952 thru the early 1960’s (there were more “Woodill” projects and companies that you’ll hear about in future stories).

Original Logos:

Logos are found on a variety of media pieces produced by each of these sports car manufacturers, and Woodill was one of the most prolific.  They featured several versions of their stylized script and sometimes the name and style changed a bit with new projects that Woody would put forth.

Here are some of the original logos for your review:


Logos Now in JPG, PDF, EPS, and AI Format

We now have each of these logos available in a variety of electronic / computer formats.  While this may be “technobable” to most of you, what this means is that if you want to create a coffee mug, t-shirt, stationary, and/or even a logo/decal/chrome script for you car – and your car is a “Woodill Wildfire” – you now have the means to do it (of course if you don’t have a Woodill Wildfire, we encourage you to get one soon….supplies are running out!)

The files on this page will get you started, but the format required for each of these is just an e-mail away.

Just have the person producing the item for you contact me, and I will send them the required files via e-mail – free.  The logos we produce are for anyone to use, modify, and promote in every way, and they have our permission to use them in any way they see fit.  It’s the best way that Rick D’Louhy and I feel to approach this, so that we encourage others to celebrate the cars we admire in every creative way possible.

You can even create a 6’ banner with perfect resolution – given the use of the logos now available.  Perhaps we can even create one of those “banners” that are pulled by airplanes.  I’m sure the next concours d’ elegance event will be thrilled by such a prospect (watch out Bill Warner and Ameila!)

Here are the recreated logos for your use and review:



Stan and Ann Fowler Beats Us To The Punch!

Stan and Ann Fowler, proud Woodill Wildfire owners and enterprising enthusiasts worked with their local graphics shop and created a Woodill Wildfire logo on their own – and surprised us all with the Woodill Wildfire logo emblazoned on a bright blue polo top that color-matched their car.  Stan and Ann Fowler are shown “modeling” their Woodill Wildfire shirts for us at the August 2010 Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’Elegeance.

A new career for Ann and Stan???

Now, each of you can do what Stan and Ann have done and visit your banner/sign/t-shirt shop and create your own Woodill Wildfire memorabilia.  And fiber hats off to the Fowlers…you’ll always be “first” in our book 🙂


We now have official logos Victress, LaDawri Coachcraft, and Woodill Wildfire.  Click here to review all  logo sets and firewall badges now available.

We’ll be releasing more logos soon – we just have to identify which group needs logos the most.  Maybe Byers and/or Meteor?  Perhaps Devin, Allied, Atlas, Kellison, or another?  Decisions, decisions, decisions…those of you reading this story will have to let us know your thoughts and recommendations in the “comments” area below.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…

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  1. i would like to find some emblims and # plates if anyone has any left over from when the cars were built mine never had the rear emblim when we got the car and i lost one # plate

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