Devin Introduces the Devin “D” – A Smart Choice For A Stylish Sports Car

Bill Devin At The Wheel Of His Stylish Devin “D” Sports Car. What A Ride This Must Have Been!

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Back in 1960 – perhaps even in 1959 (still researching here gang…) Bill Devin had already introduced his “Devin SS” priced at $10,000 – an expensive but sophisticated car built for racing and high performance sports car handling.

So what was next?

He had designed many different sizes (up to 27) of his Devin bodies for folks wanting a beautiful sports car body in a variety of different wheelbase, track, and design configurations.  Devin was covering all the bases.  So his focus turned to creating a sport economy version of his larger more sophisticated sports car.

Ladies and Gentlemen….allow me to introduce you to the Devin “D.”

Sportscar Graphic: May-June 1960

So far, the earliest mention I can find of the introduction of the Devin “D” is in Sportscar Graphic, May-June 1960.  Here’s what they had to say:

“The newest addition to the line, and “baby” of the shop, is the Devin D, a revolutionary “kit car” conception.  Unlike kits of the past, the D model is complete with laminated safety glass windshield, folding soft top, side curtains, a hand-rubbed lacquer body, upholstery, leather-covered bucket seats, chrome bumpers, brake and fuel lines, all working, head and tail lights, parking and directional lights, and a built-in heavy-duty frame.

The Devin “D” Is Stylish From Any Angle. Here The Convertible Top Is In Place And Looks Great! Where Can I Buy One Of These???

It arrives in a huge shipping carton ready for the installation of stock Volkswagen or Porsche components.  These stock units bolt on, with no welding, drilling, or cutting necessary.  In this kit form, the D model is priced at $1495.  If purchased as a complete car, with new VW engine and running gear, the car is tagged at $2950.”

Devin Brochure: 1960

Recently I came across a 4 page Devin brochure from around 1960, and the back page was dedicated to showcasing the Devin “D.”  Here are a few tasty tidbits of what the brochure had to say:

“The Devin “D” offers exciting performance and touring comfort combined with economy in initial cost and operation.  Strikingly different and appealing in appearance, the “D” represents another Devin masterpiece in simplicity and sound auto design.

The finished car will weigh under 1200 lbs, so you can imagine the performance, even with the Volkswagen engine, and especially with the Porsche engine!  At the same time the car is very comfortable and handles very well.”

Here’s The Photo And Caption From The May-June 1960 Issue of Sportscar Graphic.


Here’s what’s shown in the brochure:

  • Wheelbase: 82”
  • Tread (front): 51.4”
  • Tread (rear): 49.2”
  • Length Overall: 153”
  • Width: 60”
  • Height: 46”
  • Curb weight: 1180 lbs

Retail Prices:

* Complete Kit, less the stock Volkswagen or Porsche components: $1495

* Complete Car, with standard 1192 engine: $2950

* Complete Car, with optional 1600 engine: $3350


What a great little sports car.  If you wanted to build it, you could start out at around an investment of $1500 bucks.  If you wanted to pick up a completed car, it was about double that price.  Not bad for a well designed, stylish American-built sportscar.

So what was next for Bill Devin?  The Chevrolet Corvair was introduced in 1959 and Devin saw an opportunity to adapt its engine, mechanical components, and running gear to create a new vehicle – the Devin “C.”  But that story is for another day.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



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Devin Introduces the Devin “D” – A Smart Choice For A Stylish Sports Car — 10 Comments

  1. Everyone,
    I need a hood for a 1959 Devin D car and parts to the convertible top frame.
    I also would be curious of any old speed stuff people have on their VW or Porsche powered car?? Looking for a denzel engine. Tim

  2. Hi , I am interested in getting a project Devin D or Devin C

    any condition , even a rusty chassis or fiberglass damage , I can fix that 🙂

    Also a folding top frame and a fiberglass hardtop if anyone ever made one,
    plus side curtains and top canvas to use as patterns

    you can Text me or leave a message at (657) 859-9356

    Thanks for your help in the search or any leads

  3. My dad still has one of these collecting leaves in his back yard. I have always dreamed of restoring it. Does anyone have any other good info on it? My dads Devin is about a foot underground so I imagine it would take some pretty serious repair work. He has seems to think you can just lift the fiberglass body off it and mount it to a late 50’s early 60’s VW beetle frame….any truth to this???

    Well thank you for the info Geoff 🙂

    • cameron can you pls give me your ph. no. or call me at 973714 3175 —i have plenty of info on your dads devin——-would like to know more about it —dennis

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