Spyders, Hurricanes, and Tornados – Oh My! The 1958 Sports Car Engineering Catalog Revealed

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Ok….I’m getting jealous of Alden Jewell’s collection so let me feature something from my own fiber files.  Today’s feature is the long-lost, coveted almost as good as what Alden has item – the 1958 Sports Car Engineering catalog from Bud Goodwin’s company in Los Angeles,  California.

In 1956, Goodwin had started with a rebadged Mistral body and called it the “Spyder.”  By 1958 he had expanded to a new model called the “Hurricane” that used a highly modified Bangert Manta Ray body but Noel Bangert told me he would have had a little “talk” with Goodwin had he known what he had done.  Very cool design though.  Also featured in this 1958 catalog was the newly announced “Tornado” – a car we’ve only found drawings of and no photos – so far, at least 🙂

Acute fiberaficionados will notice that in this catalog you could buy “tailfins” for your car.  Remember…in 1958 tailfins were all the rage.  I wonder if these were offered individually or in pairs?  Guy Dirkin…do you want a pair of fins for your Byers SR-100???


Two Views For The Price Of One

I’m sharing two different ways to access the catalog in today’s story.  In the first section below, click on the link to visit the “Vintage Catalogs” page of our website.  This is also viewable by clicking on the “Vintage Catalogs” link at the top of every page on our website.  When you click on the link below you’ll see all of the catalogs we’ve posted so far.

Click on the picture of the catalog of the item you want to view and another window will open up that allows you to page through each page of the catalog on your screen – just as if you had it on your table in front of you.  And…be sure to play around with the features at the bottom of the screen when you are viewing it in book form.  You’ll be surprised what you can do with this new fangled “technology” – and we hope you enjoy this format too.

Second, you can just scroll down in this story and see each page of the catalog.  Sure…it’s neat but you should try out the link on the catalog too so you can have a bit more fun 🙂

Off we go!

 The “Vintage Catalog” Page on Forgotten Fiberglass

Click here to view the “Vintage Catalog” page here on Forgotten Fiberglass.  Be sure to scroll downward on the page and click on the catalog of your choice.

Go get ’em gang!  Conversely, the static, boring, quiet pages of the catalog are also shown below if you scroll down.  Remember…you can click on any image below to make it appear larger on your screen.

 1958 Sports Car Engineering Catalog (12 pages)














So what happened to Sports Car Engineering?  It was actually sold in the same year, 1958, to another group.  But…for the answers to who, what, why, when, and where you’ll need to stay tuned to future stories here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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