Look Out Ole Macky Is Back! Henry McCormack’s Sport Coupe, That Is

Hi Gang…

By now most of you know how I spent my holiday last year…

While you were with loved ones enjoying family and food and song and celebration….I hit the road – solo – to “walk the fiberglass talk” and save some obscure Forgotten Fiber Fantastic pieces of American sports car lore.  That’s my kind of holiday 🙂  Click on the link below to learn more about the trip, stops I made, places I saw, and cars saved:

Click here to review an overview of my 2011 holiday trip.

During the trip, I saved at least two cool fiber projects – and more.  But before you read the story and view the pictures below, click on the following link (small black triangle) to listen to music appropriate to the theme of this story.  Then, you can read the rest of the information below as the music plays in the background.


Finding The McCormack:

From start to finish, it took approximately two years to make the contacts and learn more about this car and where it was.  The first clue was a neat video posted by good friend Marc Reed.  Here’s the video I first viewed posted by Marc.  The McCormack appeared about 40 seconds into the short two minute video.  What fun!  Here’s the video.

[vsw id=”7922230″ source=”vimeo” width=”600″ height=”486″ autoplay=”no”]

Working with Marc over time, we established who the property owner was and contacted the owner – Bob Truitt and family.  They were wonderful folks who were more than happy to help find a home for the long-lost car – and make new friends too.   Plans were made and off I went on my trip this past holiday.

The pictures below show the car as found and at various places from Pennsylvania to Florida – on my way home.  As with all photos here at Forgotten Fiberglass, you can use your mouse to click on each one and make them appear larger on your screen.  But be careful…if you’re playing the music it will stop – if you click on one of the pictures.

Have at it gang!

Photos Of The McCormack: Holiday 2011 Trip


Questions remain on this purpose-built McCormack sports car.

Who built it?  What was the drivetrain?  When was it first finished?  And most intriguing, it looks like it was built to race and probably was.  There are stickers on the rear window from the Atco, New Jersey dragstrip.  Anyone want to help do some digging on the history of Atco and help find this McCormack’s race car history?

That’s my favorite kind of sleuthing to do 🙂

I look forward to keeping in touch with Marc Reed and Bob Truitt – both who are now friends of Forgotten Fiberglass.  In fact, Bob and family are on their way to Florida this year and  I hope to give him a tour of Fiberglass Farms – where the McCormack is currently stored.

Thanks to Richard Russell – Victress employee from ’53 to ’54 – for his suggestion on the theme music for the story.  And for those of you wishing to learn more about the McCormack Sports Car, click on the link here to view all “McCormack Sports Car” stories.

If this wasn’t enough, those of you “hungering” to learn a bit more about my trip last holiday, click here to learn about the U.S. Mark II Fiberglass Adventure. 

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…

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Look Out Ole Macky Is Back! Henry McCormack’s Sport Coupe, That Is — 4 Comments

  1. Is this car truly Hank McCormack of Orange Ca. car? If so I use to hang out in Hank’s garage with this car when I was young. Sad to see it in this shape, I remember it being a metal flake green color. I will have to share this article with my older brother, he knows more about Hank’s car.

  2. this has to be the coolist rescues to date, it looks like a wild custom built by Barris or Roth, I hope you put this on your to do next list.

  3. ~ great article, great holiday! food, friends, fiberglass!
    i have had my eyes peeled for futuro dome flyer bt no trace so far. when found i’ll get a mailing address from you so you can add it to library. scot

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