Undiscovered Classics Ships Brian Ford’s Cars to New Zealand

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American handcrafted cars are being shipped across the world.  We’ve sent our cars to Paraguay and Chile in South America.  We’ve shipped our cars to the UK, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Greece and more in Europe.  Now we can add to that Brian and Sue Ford’s restored cars that just arrived at his home this week in New Zealand.  It looks like we have a world-wide reach 🙂   Let’s check out what Brian had to share via his Facebook account just a few days ago.

Brian Ford: Facebook, May 3, 2020

“The Voodoo and the Glasspar were picked up from the freighters today and delivered home. A couple little marks/scratches and a head light punched out of the Glasspar but didn’t break so easy fix.  Azalea and Zanthea (grandchildren) test driving the Glasspar in last photo in the garage.”

Let’s check out some photos.  The first are Brian’s pick up at the transfer point when they arrived near Christchurch (south island of New Zealand).

Loading the Voodoo on the trailer via a forklift (picking up the back end and placing it on a cart) – then on the trailer:
Unloading the Glasspar at the Ford’s Home:

Placing the Voodoo Gardner Special in the Ford’s Garage:

Azalea and Zanthea (grandchildren) test driving the Glasspar – safely in the garage with the car NOT running:


We wish Brian and Sue Ford great times in their respective cars.  Brian shared with me that the Voodoo is “his” and that the gold Glasspar is “hers.”  Maybe we’ll see a race someday?  The Voodoo’s got a Cadillac flathead 346 cu in and the Glasspar a 1951 Ford flathead.  Take ’em to the track Brian and get some photos for all of us 🙂

And while we’re proud of the number of cars that we are responsible for shipping overseas, we challenge the folks here in the states to celebrate their handcrafted heritage and find and/or restore their hand-built cars.  Of course we have some of these rare American handcrafted cars for sale so you can buy from us too *wink*

And we might just be getting world-wide readership.  Those of you who are interested in learning more about our “reach” can click on the link below and see our viewership in the last 30 days.  Currently it shows about 20,000 unique visitors in the last 30 days, and the “red dots” on the map are the locations of each “reader” of the Undiscovered Classics website.

Click Here To View The World Map of Undiscovered Classics Readership and Viewers

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



Undiscovered Classics Ships Brian Ford’s Cars to New Zealand — 2 Comments

  1. It disturbs me to see/hear about classic American cars and trucks being sold and shipped around the world. I have known several people who have sold cars to new homes in New Zealand. One was a beautiful underpriced 1949 Black Cadillac Sedanette Fastback, the other was a Red 1970 Olds 442.

    • we have a huge ownership of American vehicles in New Zealand and there is nothing stopping Americans buying these cars.We are only the care takers at the end of the day.

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