Fiberglass Buyers Guide (Car Craft, March 1956): Part 10 – The Glasspar G2 Roadster

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This is our tenth in a series of “spotlights” on sections of a Buyer’s Guide for fiberglass sports cars published by Car Craft in March, 1956.  Click on the link below to review all fiberglass cars discussed in this 1956 Buyer’s Guide as of today:

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Today’s article focuses on the Glasspar G2 sports car designed by Bill Tritt which debuted at the ’51 Petersen Motorama in Los Angeles, California.  I don’t immediately recognize photos of the car shown in the Buyer’s Guide as to who built and owned it.  The car is devoid of a hood scoop, but has nicely built nerf bumpers front and rear, bucket seats, and perhaps no doors.

So…research continues in the identification of this car.

Background: The Glasspar G2 Sports Car

Bill Tritt started working on the Glasspar G2 in ’50 when Air Force Major Ken Brooks commissioned him to build a fiberglass sports car body for the sports car he was building on a Willys Americar chassis.  The car was finished in June of ’51 and debuted at the Petersen Motorama in Los Angeles, California in November ’51.

And with that, let’s see what Car Craft had to say about the Glasspar G2 Roadster, designed by Bill Tritt.

Car Craft (March 1956): The Glasspar G2 Roadster

Car Craft (March 1956)
Glasspar G2 Roadster

  • 101 inches
  • 56 inches
Overall Length
  • 160 inches
Overall Width
  • 66 inches
Overall Height At Cowl
  • 36 inches
One Piece Body Shell Semi-Complete
  • $695
Additional accessories, frames and modified running gear are also available.  
For prices and information, write: Glasspar Company

19101 Newport Avenue

Santa Ana, California

Kimberly 5- 1171


It’s interesting that the G2 appears in this Buyers Guide.   The Glasspar G2 was not no longer being produced as of ’55, and in fact for a short time in ’55/’56 the Glasspar Ascot was being promoted.  Still, Glasspar’s reputation for sports cars was well-known, and was included in this Buyers Guide – perhaps because of the appeal of the G2 and the fame of the Glasspar Company, itself.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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