A New “Mysterion”…Just for you… (Now Identified as a “Sabel”)

Hi Gang…

A new Mysterion for you to ponder.  I spoke tonight with the owner, Fred Baker, and he would enjoy hearing your thoughts and comments on his car (that is…he needs your help).  Here’s what he wrote…
Hi Geoff,
Can you identify this fiberglass sports car?  I purchased it several months ago in Virginia and would like to begin the process of researching its history before commencing restoration.  It is on a 1959 Volkswagen chassis (full length) with Porsche 356A brakes.  VW transaxle – no engine.  356 grille in engine lid.  It appears as if the car was never finished.  No holes cut for gauges, no wiring, no pedal assembly, etc.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if you would like to see additional photos.  Thank you for any assistance you can offer!

Fred Baker
Reading, PA
610 796 1446

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A New “Mysterion”…Just for you… (Now Identified as a “Sabel”) — 5 Comments

  1. This look like the Sabel built by John Furr in John Sabel’s garage in Rockville, MD in the mid-late 60’s. When he moved out of that slot, I moved in and replaced him to start building the only Sabel coupe (Still have it and never finished it). If the grill on the engine cover is not identifiable, then it really is Furr’s car and the grill is one he claimed to have lifted from some part of the P3-Orion aircraft he flew on his job with NOAA!

  2. My life-long buddy Fred Baker needs to update this. The car is a Sabel. Fred now knows a great deal about the car and now also knows the designer/builder, John Sabel, who he just happened to meet at a Carlisle Events show. One of 37 or so built. John lives about four miles from me, was in my shop just last week with some related photos. We’re planning to restore the car. John is a fascinating fellow, now in his mid 70’s. I’ll send Fred a note about this.

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